What exactly is Comindware Project?


Despite the fact that one might be able to live his life without any sort of plans, a well built, effective and intuitive at the same time powerful plan is essential for a business. Ever since brains behind businesses had found this, they had been trying their best to create wonderful business plans, by assigning works carefully and dividing the total work to fragments in such a way that managing multiple projects, you have undertaken, will be a simple task. However, more often than not, these methods become fruitless or less effective due to their clumsiness. Comindware Project, one of noticeable products from Comindware, is aimed at simplifying this task of project management and thus having huge elevation in terms of productivity. As Comindware itself has said in their official website, Comindware Project is that new generation Project Management Software that concentrates purely on results. Of course, there are a number of advantages that you will get when you prefer Comindware Project Management Solution to others. In this review of Comindware Project, we will have a glimpse on basics of Comindware Project and will tell you how it’ll enhance your whole business by empowering project management section and thus making it easy. Other than technical aspect of this tool, we will be focusing on practical uses of Comindware Project and associated tools as Team Network. Firstly, we will have an introduction of Comindware Project — management tool. We do hope this introduction will be helpful for those who need to know basic ideas about virtual project planning and management.


Comindware Project — What You Need to Know

We do repeat what we said earlier — Comindware Project simplifies the way you manage different projects that you have running in your business. In other words, Comindware Project will be helpful in different steps of management of projects, particularly when you have to explain these steps and other technicalities to others. For instance, to get your project fulfilled, you will have to bring different department together, and need to keep track of all these parts in a brief and easily accessible way so that you will have no sorts of trouble while executing. To face these sections of project management, Comindware Project will be a blessing for you. As we said earlier, some powerful features are, what make Comindware Project one of the widely used tools for project management and planning. Some of those are as follows.

  • When it comes to Comindware Project’s priority-based project management and project planning, it’s purely based on visuals and you will have no trouble in understanding things. For instance, when you are using this tool, you can visualize your whole project by means of Comindware Work Breakdown Structure. Using this tool, it will be easier for you to break down the whole process and let others (or yourself) understand things in a better way. Due to this breaking-down procedure, you can save a lot of time as well.
  • By implementation of Comindware Team Network, Comindware makes Comindware Project a superb place, where different people in a company can interact with each other, in variety of mediums. For instance, if you want to share a specific document with other employees in your company, Comindware Project will act as a Document management software by means of Comindware Team Network.
  • Dedicated solutions are another noticeable feature of Comindware Project. Rather than making changes to all your requirements to suit the tool, Comindware can offer you dedicated solutions to take care of various sections of your company. There are four of solutions like Professional Services, New Product Development, IT Project Management and Marketing Project Management that come by default with Comindware Project.
  • User Interface of Comindware Project is so simple that even those who are not at all experienced in online-based project management will have no trouble in understanding basics and advanced sections of this tool. In a matter of seconds, you will be able to really understand dashboard of Comindware Project and its Team Network and thus to move on.


Using Comindware Project

In order to suit different customers with different requirements, Comindware Project is available in both on-premise and the cloud-based version. Of course, there are certain disadvantages and advantages for both options; after all, it all has a dependence on your choice and requirement. Also, it should be noted that dedicated Smartphone apps of this tool is helpful when you want to keep track of your projects on the go.


In light of our experience, we can say that Comindware is one of the best tools you can find for planning, creating & managing different projects in your business. Obviously, above mentioned features of Comindware Projects are very impressive!

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