How to Keep Your Android Smartphone Safe!


Well, it is quite obvious for hackers to target smartphones running Android smartphones as Android is so common these days and wears the crown of most used mobile operating system. These hackers are continuously working on finding newer and newer ways to hack smartphones and steal sensitive information. In this article we’ll be discussing about some common things that you can do to make sure your Smartphone is not read by a third party and misused.

First of all, let’s talk about Apps. We love apps and we use them all the time. From Flappy Bird and Temple Run to Microsoft Office, we want to have them all. Who knows when we need one?

Apps from External Sources

In most of the cases we find the apps for the purpose in the official App store but when you need something that is out of the play store then you got to be alert. Because who knows what actually happens in the background when you open an App.

Let me tell you this with an example, recently I came in contact with this Android app developer who said he has developed an App with which he can spy on any smartphone. All he had to do was install his secret app and it does its job in the background without making any noise. What that app does was, it uploaded you call logs, contacts, messages and browsing history to their servers which can be later accessed by anyone with access to the website. Well, this really got me worried because seriously, I never noticed that.


So, to protect yourself you got to be aware of what gets installed on your device and what’s running in the background.

Use a Passcode/Pattern Lock

Using this you can discourage anyone trying to be smart with you. Just remember, putting a password is cool but using “1234”, “abcd” or simply “password” as the password in no good idea. Use something that stays in your mind and is impossible to guess.


You know these little smartphones, they keep on broadcasting signals using which a hacker can know our location and know which phone we are using. Anyways, this one is quite simple. When your Bluetooth is left open and your device is discoverable, you are in a full threat of getting hacked. The attacker steal your pictures, contacts and copy your call logs and messages and may be make calls and use your Data.

Just remember, disable Bluetooth after use and by default put your Bluetooth connection to Non-discoverable.

If You Root Your Phone

If you’ve rooted your phone then I hope you’d be using it for good because if you are using your Android Phone for simply Facebook and Whatsapp then you better stay unrooted. Rooting removed firmware level protection layer and lets app take control of the phone more efficiently and to a greater extent. In a nutshell, a rooted phone is more vulnerable than a non-rooted one.

Use a Security App and Keep cleaning your phone

With thousands of Android OS viruses present now, it’s always a smart thing to have an Anti-Virus on your smartphone. This will protect you from malicious apps and websites.


Also, install a cleaner app which cleans the junk files and deletes waster stuff freeing space and making your smartphone faster.

I hope this article helped you and now you’d be able to use your smartphone more securely and feel more confident when operating it.

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A Guest Post by Arjun Mishra, he is a blogger at Android’s Creed. He is also a freelance writer and has worked with several websites. You can catch him on Facebook and Twitter.


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