Google I/O 2014 in a Nutshell

Android TV Google IO 2014

Google I/O is one of the most awaited events for tech-geeks. Why? Because this is where Google announces it’s upcoming line-up for new technology! By new technology, I am referring to the new devices that Google plans to roll out soon.

Just like every year, this year’s I/O received a huge response! Not that we expected anything less, but the point is that this proves Google I/O still remains one of the most popular annual events in existence, just like E3 Conference!

But unlike all previous events, Google exhibited some of the best gadgets and updates in this year’s I/O. We took the time and leisure to make a list of all the major exhibitions and tell you all about them!

The Android One Project

We all know that Smartphone users in the world are increasing steadily. Currently, 1 billion of the overall population in the world is using Android-based Smartphones. But seems like that isn’t enough for Google.. They want some more! So with this project, Google plans to gain more and more Android fans and users.

Google plans to launch low-cost smartphones (around $100 USD in price) which will run stock Android, will recieve all Android updates directly and will have all the basic features required in a normal Smartphone. To make this dream come true, Google has joined hands with the neo-famous smartphone companies like Karbonn, Micromax and Spice.

Android One

Moreover, they have also revealed that the devices will have Dual-SIM functionality, FM Radio, a large 4.5-inch display and a Micro-SD Card slot to add.

Android TV

Android TV was another eye-catcher in the event. We all know that in the past, Google failed to do this same thing with Google TV, due to a failed traction. But now, Google is back, going solo with an Android TV, which happens to be a Set-top-box.

Android TV Google IO 2014

Google has used something similar to Chromecast and Miracast on it’s Android TV platform, which is called Google Cast technology which enables users to connect multiple Android devices to the TV, and then play games, listen to music or watch TV shows on demand using the Play Store. Moreover, Google has even released it’s SDK for the Android TV already! Nice move, Google!

Android Auto

One of the most major projects funded by Google, Android Auto intends to connect the Smartphone to your Vehicle. So once you sit in your car, your Smartphone automatically connects to your car’s entertainment system and hence, everything, including Music, Google Maps, recieving calls, can be done using a simple voice command. You needn’t even take your eyes off the road!

Android Auto Car

Android Version 5.0 – “L”

One of the most awaited exhibition – the next Android update! We all knew that the next Android version would be named on a sweet that starts with L. Though we wanted to know what the name would be, seems like Google was simply not ready with it. We might as well think that they are reconsidering the idea of naming it “Android Laddu” (many people campaigned for this, you know. Laddu, by the way, is an Indian sweet), it maybe even Lollipop. Who knows?

The new Android version features a new interface, much different than all the previous. This new version of Android has many changes but only a few have been revealed. The most major change is something that only developers would care about – ART instead of Dalvik as its default run-time. Also, it will have paradigm shift in it’s internal coding. All these changes would mainly trouble a few developers, but for the normal people and tech-geeks, the only thing that matters is that Android will be a bit more efficient now.

The Developer Preview version has already been released and can be downloaded from the internet. There were also mentions about the Android Wear, which will become viral soon for sure.


Of course, that isn’t all! There are more and more things introduced in Google I/O 2014. In fact it is still ongoing! But these were the most major events according to us. Stay tuned for more updates!

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