Should you get ADSL2 or Cable Internet?

ADSL vs Cable Internet

So you’re considering getting a new internet connection? Perhaps you’re moving into a new home and need a brand new connect? Or perhaps you’re fed up with your current internet and ISP. Either way, chances are your only two viable choices of home internet connection are ADSL2 or Cable Internet. I have not included Fiber Optic or Wireless broadband because they are unaccusable for most on the population, and in many cases a wireless broadband plan is not suitable as home connection due its high cost / low bandwidth nature.

The main difference between Cable and ADSL is the actual physical cable that connects your home to the exchange. An ADSL2 connection uses your existing phone lines, while the latter relies on an independent coaxial cable which runs to the exchange. So which type of connection is better? We’ll break it down into 3 sections; Speed, Price and Availability in order to determine who the real winner is.

ADSL vs Cable Internet


ADSL2 and Cable Internet have their own pros and cons. Because ADSL2 relies on your existing phone line, it relies on an existing connection which ultimately wasn’t designed for the purpose of transmitting larges packets of data. Because of this, ADSL2 often has a speed limit – up to 24 Mbps at the most – and that only gets slower the further you are from the exchange. A coaxial cable is capable of transmitting much more data and higher speeds – often reaching speeds of up to 100Mbps even if you’re far from the exchange. If it can send your high definition cable TV signal to your TV set, you know it must be good!


ADSL2 is the clear winner here! Because it runs on an established phone line network, a large majority of the population can access the network at a very low cost. There is very healthy competition driving prices cheaper all the time. Check out the iiNet ADSL page a clear indication of how much an ADSL plan will cost you. Cable internet can be more expensive that ADSL2, and more often than no you may need to lay a coaxial cable from the street to your home (which can be very expensive).


Should you get Cable over ADSL2? That largely depends on where you live. If you live far from the exchange, you may opt to spend a little extra to get the faster connection. However, Cable internet isn’t available everywhere – and chances there may not be a cable connection in your area.  In that case, your only option may be ADSL2.

While there is no clear winner, ADSL2 is more widely available and often cheaper. If you needs faster internet speeds for streaming high definition content, online gaming, or if you’re going to have multiple users on one connection – you may opt for a Cable connection. Check with your local internet service providers and always compare prices and plans to get the best deal.

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