Top 4 Slot Games to play in Facebook

Slot Games Machine

I’m sure many of you, would have already played some of games which at available at Facebook – The world’s largest social networking site. But, have you ever played a slot game?

For those who have never played a slot game before, here’s what it really is :

“(Slot game) A type of machine that utilizes spinning slot reels or a video simulation of reels. A win occurs when reel symbols line up in a specified manner .”

I think you’ve got the basic idea now. You would have probably played this already.. If you still have no idea, what I’m speak about – You might want to check this guide here ( ) which helped me in the beginning.

This post we will discuss, some of the Best and exciting Facebook slot games. I started to play Facebook slot games, because there was no real money involved ( Unless you get real addicted and buy some unlocks ).

Slot Games Machine

#1: Slots Craze

This game is my personal favorite, unlike all other slot games on Facebook you really don’t have to deposit anything. I am almost addicted to it as it is also available on iTunes unlike many other Facebook slot games which can just be played via PC. You also get some special offers like coins at very cheap prices. You do get your “special bonus” in every few hours which makes the game very addictive, interactive and amazing! It does have many levels and prizes. Do check the guides below,  if you are a newbie.

#2: Lucky Slots

This is also another famous Facebook slot game, which almost involves the same mechanism / principle like the other slot machine based games. The game is interactive and innovative with its prizes and the end of each level. This app has many contests, where you can grab grand prizes. The user interface though, isn’t that interactive like the game we discussed above – Slots Craze.

#3:  Slotomania

This game is quite good too, this game is available on 3 platforms – Android, iTunes and Amazon so you can probably play this on any device which you use day to day. You also collect your special bonus every 4 hours. But though, the UI and the principle are almost perfect, users have been complaining about the limited levels in this game. They have been introducing some levels lately, but some more efforts will be really appreciated more.

#4: Super Slot Machines

In this game, you can compete with all of your friends in your Facebook friend list. You compete with each other in the Leader board, but the real problem with this game is the number of levels and the Graphics. In the above game – Slotomania, though the number of levels were limited, the graphics was good at least playable, I should say.  But this game, really didn’t get my attraction. I do play this game a couple of times, but the graphics is a complete letdown. The game developers have claimed that they are working on another game with better graphics named “Slots Tower”.

As of now, I believe Slots craze is the best slot machine based game you can play on Facebook. But my opinion may not be fatal, give a try to all of those games mentioned above and let us know what you think in the comment section below, also if we had left some of the game you play, let us know about that in the comment section below too!

Guides you might want to check:

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