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Everyone today with a gadget, say an iPhone, an iPad, an Android phone, an Android Tab, a next gen TV or whatever it is – We all see “videos” in them.  When I said “video” it doesn’t just mean a video clip, it maybe a movie, a comedy clip, or a song, or anything which is a part of Media and it is surely an entertainment to all of us.

iSkysoft Video Converter Giveaway Link at the end of the post.

There are literally thousands of Video formats, let it be a .mkv, .mp4 ,.mwv, .mpeg, a DVD video , a VCD video, a video for your iPad, iPhones, Apple TV etc..  All of these definitely have a change in their size and quality. Most of the times, when people use one format of video say an MKV on another device (say an iPhone) – they end up losing quality. We all love quality / pixels of the video right? So, when we lose the quality of the video, sometimes it’s not even worth watching! Here’s my ultimate question?

iSkysoft Video Converter conversion

Why lose your video quality when you awesome video converters?

But I have an answer to my own question; the problem is not all video converters are good. Most of the time they take up a lot of ram, or the converted video’s size is too large or the main motive – optimized video quality is not at all achieved!

Here’s a solution to all of these problems you might face on your existing video converter – iSkysoft Video Converter

Yes, but do keep in mind – This is not “Yet, another product we’re reviewing”, it is really the best video converter I’ve used till now. A little about the iSkysoft Video Converter.

iSkysoft Video Converting

The free trial is available, unlike many of those crappy video converters which gives you a real idea of how good this product actually is.

  • Available for both MAC and PC, We’ve tried running this on Wine on Linux and guess what? It worked (i7 Processor – 8 GB Ram). So, if you are looking for a good video converter on your Linux based system this video converter maybe your solution!
  • It converts your video optimized for iPad, iPhone, Apple TV’s,  Most of the Samsung flagships, most of the gaming devices ( Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStations, Wii ), Android Phones, Android Tablets and possibly most of the devices which can play video.
  • Converts video to MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV, MOV, M4V, MKV, DV, XVid, ASF, MPEG-1,2 , DVD, VCD, WEBEM, 3GP and almost every possible video you’ve heard of before.
  • Now, this is not just a Video Converter – It also helps you to download videos from the internet and it is legal!
  • It also acts as a convincingly good video player (Actually it gives a result which was almost equal to the output of the world’s popular video player – VLC media player).

Now, I do have the full version of this amazing piece of technology and I even tried the free version – which was equally good. But I suggest you get the full version because some software are just worth buying!

iSkysoft Video Converter

I’ve been using this software (iSkysoft video converter) for about 1 month and I am not lying – I totally love this! I’ve converted around 30 GB (Just a rough estimate, I’m sure it’s higher than that) and it has worked pretty convincingly. I’ve also suggested this awesome piece of software you must have on your computer to a couple of my friends and they liked it too! What’s actually cool about this is that when you convert more than 2 videos you have an option to merge all the videos into one.

I’ve been using the windows version of this software as of now, but my friend uses this on his Macbook Air which gave him awesome results too! I couldn’t believe that this software could run on his Macbook (it was a really old one with 1 GB ram).

The design of this software has also been really cool, with the edges and patterns, most of the software I use whose design is cool probably are very costly, but the iSkysoft Video Converter even has a free version and also the paid version is significantly affordable.

I also have very good news for you! This company iSkysoft – which was started in 2004 to develop multimedia software for computers, is really generous. They are giving away this amazing piece of software on account of Easter!

iSkysoft Video Converter support

iSkysoft Video Converter Giveaway – Easter Special:

iSkysoft is giving away free copies of their Video Converter software for Mac and for Windows. Grab the links. The giveaway of the free copies end today! The difference between the free and premium copy is that the free copy doesn’t get lifetime upgrades and customer service. That’s it! No other difference, So grab your copy from the below links and don’t forget, it ends today! Just enter your mail id and grab your copy.

iSkysoft Giveaway page

From The Author’s Desk:

I’ve reviewed many of the video converters which are available on the internet right now and this one has really impressed me, as I mentioned earlier in this article – I’ve converted over 30 GB of video in this awesome piece of convenient, affordable software.  I am really looking for more multimedia solutions from iSkysoft and I convey my wishes for their future success. Peace!

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