Zombies and Guns: Detailed Review

Zombies and Guns

The title of the game “Zombies and Guns” is kind of self-explanatory, it deals with Zombies. Your primary aim is to kill the zombies in this game. The sound effects of this game is really good, you get a feeling like you’re really surrounded by Zombies. This game is released only in the Google Play store which means, you can currently play it only in your Android phone. You have more than 10 exciting levels and trust me it looks easy but it’s not so!

Zombies and Guns

To start off, you get a primary weapon – a bat. Most of the weapons just change, but it won’t affect the way the zombie is hit. You can upgrade every weapon 3 times and there are 9 weapons in total. I liked the gun very much. In order to upgrade these weapons, you need coins which you’ll get after killing zombies in each level. You can also buy the coins to upgrade your weapons instantly! As I mentioned before, the power of the weapon doesn’t really depend on which weapon you choose, it depends on what level of the weapon you use (out of 3).

Zombies and Guns

The game also comes with a story, you just don’t go out killing zombies, you have a story. There’s an old man, a girl her sister and many other people you’ll need to rescue and when you do so you reach the next level.

The game also comes with an option to check what you’ve already done in the game (kills you’ve already done, points and coins you’ve earned) You can do this by tapping on the medal like icon in the game which is very cool and I haven’t seen in any other Zombie game.

There are also some places where you’ll have to jump or your weapon gets changed. You can jump by using the arrow keys (Hold them and release). It’s real and easy when you read the FAQ.

Zombies and Guns (2)

Now, when I mean easy in the above passage, I think I actually didn’t mean it. Yeah! The game looks simple and easy but it is not so! You see, the person you have to save is in the middle of the passage. So you’ll need to concentrate and keep on changing your direction to save the person and at the same time you’ll have to shoot! It’s actually really cool when you try it, go ahead its free!

To summarize the game, here it is.


  • A nice concept may not be a new concept. But it’s definitely a good way to present their ideas.
  • Free, I mean it’s free. There’s no harm in trying it.
  • Small game size, it’s just 24MB. You still reading the post, go download the game!
  • Fast, doesn’t lag on any phone (At least it didn’t lag in the android phones I’ve tried it on).


  • When you shoot a zombie, it kinda moves back and front which makes it look like a flash game. We’ll just hope they fix it in the next update.

Your turn

We really liked the game, a nice way to pass your time when you’re outside waiting for someone to come pick you up, or at the rest room or just passing your time when you’re lonely! Most of the things are locked where you can unlock them by just playing the game with more interest! Like the saloon feature gets unlocked when you reach higher levels. The translation for Portuguese, German and Spanish is really good, so more people play this now! They also support French and Slovak. Chinese will be added soon.  You should really leave a feedback here in the comment section below and in Play store, it will help the game reach more people. Go download it soon: Zombies and Guns!

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