Best Laptops under Rs.30,000 in India

Best laptops

After the advent of Laptops the PC industry is getting low day by day due to the portability of laptops. You can carry them where ever you want and will have all the data on the go. If you are a blogger, Programmer or a student you still prefer laptops over a Personal Computers. Recently I saw many people asking or searching for  Best Laptops under Rs.30000.  Recently many of my friends  also asked me to suggest them a good laptop under RS.30000. I  thought of writing a post on Best laptops under.30000. There are many laptops available in that range but you need to buy the right laptop that suits  your needs as it’s similar to investing money on some other things.

Best laptops

We have done a little bit of research around so that we can suggest you the best Laptops Under RS.30000/-. In this article we will show you the name of the laptop, OS its been shipped with and some Specifications of the device so that you can get a quick glimpse about the device. Lets start our article on Best Laptops Under RS.30000/-.

HP Compaq 15-a002TU Laptop:-The first laptop we will suggest you is HP Compaq 15-a002TU. Hp is the leading manufacturer of laptop and laptop accessories. The specifications of the device are as follows the device is powered by a Intel 3rd Generation i3 processor. The laptop hosts a 500 GB Hard disk coupled with 4 GB of Ram. The device comes shipped with UBUNTU. The device sports a 15.6” screen with HD backlit display. The device sports a dvd drive. The device is priced at RS.29,990/-.

Dell Vostro 2520:- Dell is the most trusted Laptop manufacturer. There are many people who are still using their old Dell machines without any problems. The laptops hosts the same specifications as of HP Compaq 15-a002Tu. The device too comes shipped with 4 GB Ram, Intel 3rd generation i3 processor. The device comes with a 15.6” backlit display and a 500 GB  hdd so that you can store your favorite stuff. The device is priced at RS.28,091 which is priced a bit lower than HP Compaq.

Lenovo Essential G505:- The next laptop in our series of  Best Laptop Under RS.30,000/- is Lenovo essential G505. The device is the perfect Budget laptop for all those who are searching for a budget laptop.  This laptop ships with Apu Dual Core rather than traditional Intel chipset which we find in most of the devices. The device is ran on Windows 8. The device has a 500 GB HDD and 4 GB Ram for robust performance. The device sports a 15.6” HD display. The device is priced at RS.25.490/-. The device hosts a dvd drive too.

Asus F200CA-KX064H Netbook :- AS our guide is going to come an end the device we will suggest you is Asus F200CA-KX064H which is a netbook and we only recommend you to go to it unless you have a very limited budget. The device is powered by a 3rd generation Intel Pentium Dual Core processor which are coupled with 2 GB of Ram and 500 GB of storage. The device lacks a Dvd drive too. The device sports a smaller screen of 11.6”.  If you roam a lot and Internet savvy then this device suits you the best. The device is priced at Rs.23,000/-

That’s it we have shown you the best Laptops under Rs.30000/-. If you know something better than above feel free to comment so that we can add them up in our list. If you require any SEO services for your website. Refer the link.


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