Increase Alexa Rank with these Working Strategies!

Alexa Rank

Well, How to Increase Alexa is the most asked question by all bloggers and most probably me too! You’ve probably definitely heard of the word “Alexa” in your life, if you are a blogger, and having a blogger life! You may have heard it from another blogger of your niche  some guy who wants to purchase an ad space from your blog or somewhere in the internet.

Alexa Rank

The Truth behind Alexa Ranking:

The point is is a website that ranks your website with all other blogs and website in the entire internet. They do it on a regular basis and they are NOT partial (At least that’s what they say). But, to be honest I’ve seen many blogs who have NO posts whatsoever getting ranked within 5,00,000 worldwide.

I mean its not a bug, and it doesn’t happen for everyone. I think, link building can really boost your Alexa. Of course, they claim that “Installing the Alexa Widgets/Toolbars“will help you boost your Alexa rating, but it is a myth! I am saying this because, I’ve seen some blogs with an Alexa widget and it makes me to leave their website. It feels like they just made the website for advertise and not for the readers. Treat it Alexa like it’s a house you have, but don’t live in.

Increase Alexa Rank using Black-Hat Methods:

Though there are companies which Increase your Alexa Rank faster using Black hat techniques or through software, don’t go for it.Just be what you are and what your site is. Don’t use any site which boosts your rank up.

Increase Alexa Rank using White-Hat Methods:

You MUST maintain it, in-order to make money but at the same time you need not be concentrated on that all the time! Its kind of like a paradox or like understanding the heart of a girl ( 😛 ) to be honest. You must take care of it, at the same time DON’T! ( Sounds kind of stupid now, but after some time you will really start to understand what Alexa is about and understand what I’ve said is right! )  To summarize it,

  • Don’t think gaining a good alexa rank, is your aim. There are many other factors like a Google Page Rank, advertisers consider too! But at the same time, don’t think Alexa is NOT important as some advertisers still consider Alexa as a factor, that explains the quality of your website.
  • Try link building and other WHITE HAT SEO Strategies to boost your Alexa rank. Alexa has even removed its Review Feature for websites before 6-8 months.
  • Alexa can really help you some times as it compares your website with other websites worldwide, so make sure you visit your alexa page ( tld) now.
  • And here’s an interesting working tip to increase your Alexa Ranking! A tip you’ve probably never heard before! Please read this carefully, this trick was new to me. I saw this on a blog named internet Khazana ( Long time back, but I had to mention this name as it was an awesome trick! Thank you Internet Khazana). The admin of this blog, did a research on Alexa, and found that your chances to boost Alexa Ranking is up by 150% when you post something at mid night ( 12:00 AM ).  Sounds weird right? Try it and let us know if your ranking was boosted.
  • This is a tip regarding advertising your blog/ Business online. Alexa rankings can help you in advertising, do you know that? When you scroll down from your site info (located at tld) you can see a tab named “ Who visits your website?” You can see, who your blog attracts. So, make sure you use this useful information when you are advertising. Let’s say for example, you’re going to advertise your Facebook page, it will ask you some questions like Who do you want to target ? . Make sure you use the information you got from Alexa here.
  • If you are a BIG Blogger earning a hand full of bucks per month, give a try to Alexa PRO version which ranks your website to the notch! If you have a good traffic, you’ll be getting good ranking, and for bad vice versa. It costs less than 9.99$ per month, I guess if I am not wrong. Give it a try!
  • All the best in increasing your Alexa Ranking!

So, We’ve discussed some awesome tips which worked for us while we tried increasing our Alexa rank, and in our friend’s circle, did it work for you? Let us know in the comment section below. We’ll figure out what’s lacking in your site which Alexa Ranking demands.


  1. Hi Anirudh,
    Nice write up.
    Alexa ranking is important if you are looking for some direct advertisers and the strategies you listed in this post are perfect to improve alexa ranking. I’ll try these tips for my blog.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Nice article anirudh. Now a days Alexa is an important measure to attract advertisers to our sites. If Alexa is good then we can make gud amount of money from direct advertisers rather than relying on AdSense.

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