[Solved] Desktop not showing in Navigation Pane

Desktop menu in Left navigation pane

Uploading and downloading files, while doing this process you need to select a directory in your computer. I would always prefer to download anything in the Desktop, so that it would be easy to clean up. Today, while I was selecting the directory for my download, I found that the Desktop option wasn’t available. Googled it, and found the solution. Just two steps. But, couldn’t get the answer in the Google Search Results. Had to search for few minutes.

To bring back Desktop and other folders in the left side navigation pane, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to My Computer

Step 2: Right click on any area in the left navigation pane.

Favorites Left Navigation Pane

Step 3: Select Show Favorites option like the image above.

Step 4: And that’s it. You’ll get the Desktop in the Navigation Pane under the Favorites menu.

This is how it was and now:

Desktop menu in Left navigation pane


Comment below if you have any doubts and thank me later! (:

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