Secure your PC – The Best Ways to do it

Best Way to Secure PC

Computing involves the processing of various peripherals simultaneously to achieve some goals. How much of them have the awareness to check your security of your PC, learn the below tips and have a secure PC. In computing the surface where the activities take place is always vulnerable to intruders. This vulnerability need to be processed and possible solutions for securing the surface from intruders should be found out. Hardening is the process by which we secure the system by reducing the surface of vulnerability.

The vulnerability surface of a system could be determined by understanding the type and number of functions that particular surface fulfills. Suppose a surface is single-function system then undoubtedly the surface is more secure than a multiple function system. The dimensions of the attack could be vivid as the number of the functions that the particular surface takes increase. Simple methodology in the PC hardening is to remove the unnecessary set of processes (disabling them). Further, removal of unnecessary software, unnecessary user names and passwords reduce the vulnerability of the surface to intruders.

Best Way to Secure PC

Commonly followed hardening methods to reduce the surface vulnerability to intruders include:

Setting Up Intrusion detection systems:

Detecting the intrusion is an important aspect in the hardening. If a surface is vulnerable then as the rank of vulnerability increases the chance of intrusion also increases. A well defined methodology considering the ranking is done by intrusion detection systems. It will detect the intruder and pass it on for processing.

Intrusion Prevention systems:

Detecting the intruder and passing it for the processing is not economical. Suppose a surface is more vulnerable, it will undoubtedly have a greater number of intrusions. So the overhead costs of passing all the intrusions will be heavy. So it is always better to prevent the intruders from attack. Intrusion prevention systems proved to be economical and have reduced the rate of intrusions by a greater number.


A firewall in any building is set of doors that will be closed in case of a fire so that the fire doesn’t get spread. Similarly in computing firewall prevents the surfaces from intruders.

Secure PC from Internet with FirewallIt is the basic type of hardening technique and you could easily setup a firewall in your computer by downloading it from any of the providers. Updating your firewall after setting up is important because intruders will try to find some loopholes to enter into your surface by breaking the firewall. So an updated version of firewall is important to prevent the attack from intruders.

Applying patches to the kernel and software:

Every operating system has a Kernel and applying the patch to a kernel is an effective hardening technique. All the above techniques mentioned will detect the intruders or prevent our PC from an intrusion. But in case of an intrusion, then the surface should be repaired. So it is not enough to detect the vulnerabilities unless you cannot patch them.

So it is important to find all vulnerabilities and patching it to make your PC secure. A good patch management software like Secunia will help in scanning and patching processes. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner the best way to stay secure is to protect your infrastructure from the very beginning by finding and patching all vulnerabilities in your endpoints. Get PSI here.

PC Hardening is an important process as it will make your system secure from all the vulnerabilities. Apart from the techniques listed above there are many hardening techniques like closing the open Network ports, implementation of hardening scripts and tools to deactivate unneeded features in configuration files.


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