LSI Keywords Research – How to do it?

Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI Keywords

If you are up for blogging in the latest days and been struggling hard for bringing traffic in to your websites, then you must have heard about LSI keywords. It begins complicated, maybe because of the name; LSI is not an easily understandable term. LSI is an abbreviation that stands for Latent Semantic Index. Does that sound like an alien term? But is it actually as complicated as they sound like?

LSI Keywords Definition:

Let’s turn out to Wikipedia’s explanation. According to them, it’s a mathematical method used to retrieve unstructured collection of texts. Well, I tried to make it sound a lot easier but I can understand that I have failed so badly. All these terms are used by the computer geniuses; maybe that’s how they want to show off to normal people how smart they are (no offense to you, computer people!).

Normal people like blog or website owners don’t need to understand these; these are for the developers who would be digging deep in search engine development. Knowing what LSI keywords are and how to use them would be good enough for you.

LSI Keywords are the keywords that are related to the context of your contents, preferably the articles you write and the keywords in them.

LSI Keywords Usage:

What basically happens in SEO? You want the search engine crawlers to crawl right into your website when a specific keyword is searched by some user, but there are plenty of websites in the open web and the crawlers just won’t go to every website unless you show them some way to do so. So you would be putting some specific keywords in your articles and you would want the search engines to search the keywords in your article when a searcher searches for the keywords. That isn’t so hard, and if you are a regular person in such job then it’s a walk in the park for you unless you use too much of keywords in one article. If your page contains the keywords in a higher amount than usual, then Google will penalize your website for spamming and your website will disappear from their search results. Nothing can get worse than this, right? And that’s why the use of LSI keywords has emerged.

Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI Keywords

Where to use LSI Keywords?

You can use the LSI keywords in your article a few times instead of using the main keywords in your article some hundreds of times. Putting in few LSI Keywords will act like putting your main keywords a lot of times but you don’t have to worry about the problem of the keywords being overused.

Now the question spinning your mind would be: And where do you get the LSI keywords that are to be used in your articles? 

LSI Keyword Tools

To find the best LSI Keywords is you should just go for Google AdWords Keyword tool. Google it and you will find the website in the top of the results. Before searching for keywords, make sure Descriptive Words or Phrases is selected. You will also have to enter the captcha shown in there and then press the “Get keyword ideas” button. And you will soon the keywords related to your content, but no you have to scroll down more unless you come to see ‘Additional Keywords to Consider’. These are the LSI Keywords for your article.

If you think you need some other tool rather than Google’s Adword Keyword tool. If you are using WordPress, you can go with either EasyWPSEO or SEOPressor. These two are top notch plugins for WordPress On-Page SEO and they have a separate option to list down the LSI Keywords for the keyword you enter.

Advantages of using LSI Keywords:

Using LSI keywords in your posts can change the way you blog now. Experiments show how the usage of these keywords can leave an enormous impact in your website rankings. Using normal keywords will make a search engine slightly understand about the content of the website page or article it has reached, but still it can have a hard time determining where to put your website in the results of the search.

LSI Keywords in Google

This is where the usage of LSI keywords is important. These keywords help the search engine figure out what the content exactly is about.

For the sake of debate, let’s say the usage of LSI keywords is not that important. But now, how do the search engines rank your website then? The more information the search engines actually get about your website, the more it’s easier for your website to earn a better ranking. And so the obvious winning point to this debate is – we should use it, a lot! Instead of bushing the contents with main keywords, we should really use a few amount of LSI keywords. 

You may have a hard time to decide whether to stick to your back dated SEO strategies or move to the new ones where usage of LSI keywords is happening. The results that are achieved using these keywords are way better and also reasonable for the website owners.


  1. Nice post about LSI keywords and researching. I’ve been doing keyword research with Google Keyword Tool lately, but ever since it turned into Google Keyword Planner, I started using Long Tail Pro, which works great and you can find tons of relevant long tail keywords that way. This is the best keyword research tool I’ve ever used, lovin’ it.

  2. Nice article Anirudh! I never knew about this before . It sounds promising. But I’ve got a doubt, can we use as many LSI keyword as possible in a single article or do we need to repeat a single LSI key word over and over again?

  3. Hello Anirudh,

    Well to be honest with you I haven’t completely known about LSI Keyword and Tools, After reading your article i just got a brief explanation about it.

    Thanks for sharing.

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