Make the most out of Superfast 4G!


Now that superfast 4G mobile internet is available, fans of tablets and smartphones and all things tech will be able to enjoy a whole new world of lightning quick broadband. Web pages are expected to load in a flash and video streaming and gaming be completely uninterrupted by those irksome loading screens. However, what is just exciting as these 4G benefits is the whole new world of apps we will have access to.


When you buy an EE iPhone 5s or another 4G ready handset on a different network, you will now be able to access apps that have been designed with the greater capabilities and superfast speed of 4G in mind. Whilst we wait for app developers to catch up with the technology, let’s take a look at how 4G will completely transform the apps we already know and love:

  • YouTube. We’re all familiar with YouTube, but it is like a completely different app with 4G. Wherever you are, you will be able to enjoy high quality video streaming (which is normally quite data intensive, but 4G is built for data) that is both immediate and incredibly smooth.
  • BBC iPlayer. Whilst the iPlayer does offer many benefits, it often suffers at the hands of a slow internet connection or a patchy mobile internet signal. With 4G, all those pauses and stutters – as well as those inexplicable “this content isn’t working properly” messages – will be a thing of the past.
  • Spotify. Not only can you stream excellent quality video with 4G and notice a marked improvement, but you can also stream CD-quality music with Spotify, enjoying quicker sync and store functions so you can get to your music without having to rely on Wi-Fi
  • Skype. Skype has revolutionized the way we talk to each other online, but without a fast connection, users may experience stuttering video calls and frozen screens. With 4G, and a good HD camera (or the new iPhone 5s with its critically acclaimed camera), there is no better video calling experience. Click here. 

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