Top 10 Android Games for HTC One

HTC One Games

Android games are growing in popularity like never before. Here are top 10 best Android games which you could enjoy playing on your HTC One, which comes for free.

HTC One Games
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Subway Surfers

This is a game which involves endless running. This is rather a light-hearted one which is set in one train yard. Different updates allow you to sun in train yards of different countries like Australia and Japan. There is no blood or violence involved in this game, which makes it absolutely suitable for children. Download Subway Surfer from here.

Real Racing 3

This game rivals other console games when it comes to graphics. Real Racing 3 from EA is a magnificent driving game. This is as impressive in handling as its appearance. There are fifty real world vehicles which are available for racing around tracks which are also real-world. There are, on the other hand, certain aggressive techniques involved in the game related to in-app sale.

Magic 2014

This is a series of card trading, which has been offered in a smaller version as an app. There are fresh decks of different cards. There are other systems which require to be explored. It also lets you start a one-player campaign as well as multiplayer challenges. The game is, nevertheless, designed for tablets. That is why not every Android smartphones can play this game in a proper manner.

Rivals at War 2048

This game promises some of the excellent 3D graphics. This is a game which deals with wars in space. This is one wonderful tactical spin in addition to any standard game designed for shooting.

Pocket League Story 2

This is a beautiful game which is now available in pixelart. It is the team which brought you the superb game, Game Dev Story. You can build your own team along with the fan base as well as corporate sponsors. You can compete against other best teams from all over the world.

Eden to Green

This is one strategic title with kid-friendly and charming visuals. You can pit 40 several kind of plants for attacking units. There are 70 maps to fight against nasty robots. You have to defend nature from these attackers creating a universe of machine.

Temple Run 2

This is one more game involving endless-running just like Subway Surfers. However, this game promises even better gaming experience than the other. There are several characters you can activate when you reach certain scores and exchange them with those. The endless running involves several enhancements like score multiplier and magnets to attract gold coins.

Dead on Arrival

This game is about one gruesome shooter where one has to survive through zombie attack. There are waves of walking corpses of rotten nature coming from one creepy hospital. The game supports excellent hardware controls for the owners of Xperia Play mobile phones.

CSR Racing

This is another stunning racing game with completely licensed cars which include BMW, Audi, McLaren and Ford. You can take on the racing across streets in the city. Every vehicle can be customized to suit your preference. There can be paint jobs done while upgrades are also available.

Candy Crush Saga

This is a cute little game which offers you candy puzzles. This game has taken everyone by storm while bringing on the classic game play of matching colors. The old trick is taken to a whole new level.

Did I miss any game? Just shoot your favorite game in the comments section. Also don’t forget that the games you mention must be free. We all know that there are tons of paid games which have even more graphics and fun to play! So, we need you to mention only free games in the below discussion! 🙂


  1. Subway Surfers is my favorite game, although i don’t have a HTC one but i use it on my samsung mobile. I love all these mentioned games.


  2. I played Subway Surfers and Temple run 2, and I like temple run 2 a lot due to its good looking backgrounds. Subway surfers might get a Santa next month as it is nearing Christmas.
    Nice list Anirudh…

  3. Subway Surfers and Temple Run 2 are the two which I love to play from the above list. It is a good news for the HTC users that these games are available on HTC. Thanks for sharing the list with us.

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