Top Phones in India below Rs.10,000

Micromax Canvas 2

In recent times, the Indian market has erupted with budget devices.In such a condition, choosing the best device to have is an very difficult task. So today, we bring you the list of the top budget mobiles phones in India which are high on specifications, but low on price.

In under Rs. 10000, the best hardware and specifications can only be found in Indian brands. While it is a stereotype that Indian brands have really poor hardware, and after sales support, this is far from reality. Actually, some Indian brands like Lava, have better service than certain international brands. At this note, we begin our list of the best budget mobiles in India under Rs. 10000.


The Xolo Q700 is probably the best device under Rs. 10,000 in India.It is the only device under 10k to run on MediaTek MT6589 processor, and 1GB RAM. As per Tech Junction’s Xolo Q700 review, the device is capable of running NOVA 3, and Need For Speed Most Wanted smoothly. Xolo Q700 also has one of the better batteries, and its 2400 mAh battery easily lasts for around 1-2 days.


The only major disadvantage of the Q700, is its incapability to install apps on microSD card. This means that you are typically stuck with just 1.3GB of memory to install apps and games.

Lava Iris 458Q

Another great handset under Rs. 10000, the Lava Iris 458Q has much better camera than the Xolo Q700. While the battery and performance of the Xolo Q700 is certainly much better than that of Q700, the Iris 458Q has a really well designed body.

Lava Iris 458q

One major advantage of the Lava Iris 458Q is that it is really friendly for the pocket. Priced at just Rs. 7000, the Iris 458Q is around 3k cheaper than Xolo Q700. But with just 512MB RAM, you might have to compromise on performance. You can check the in-depth review of Lava Iris 458Q.

Micromax Canvas 2

Micromax Canvas 2

One of the evergreen choice in under Rs. 10,000, the Micromax A110 is a delight to look at. Looking strikingly similar to the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Micromax Canvas 2 looks like a premium handset. Buying it would certainly mean having a little low performance, but still, if you are looking to flaunt your Android, then it is the device to go for.

Nokia Lumia 520

Priced at Rs. 8990, the Nokia Lumia 520 is for those looking for the best build quality, and the best after sales service. It runs on the latest Windows 8, and has 1GHz dual-core processor. Specially after the shift of Nokia to Microsoft, Nokia will have the best of both hardware and software. It has similar specifications to the Lumia 620, which was reviewed by us sometime ago.

Nokia Lumia 520

This was the list of the best budget mobiles in India under Rs. 10000. Which to buy in this list, is entirely your choice. For the best performance go for Xolo Q700, and for the best hardware go for Nokia Lumia 520. If you want looks, the Micromax A110 is for you, and if you want quad-core in low cost the Lava Iris 458Q is for you.

So in the end,it’s your choice that matters. Do drop in your comments below to let us know about the best mobile for you under Rs.10000 in India.


  1. I think the Micromax’s sales are increasing day by day. Micromax Canvas 2 is the phone which has the maximum sales. Are there any other devices which features a big screen, Android and a good processor? If yes, please tell me. 🙂

  2. Even though the companies like Micromax, Lava are providing more features for less cost, the main feature quality can’t be seen in them. So, my vote goes to Nokia Lumia 520. It is an awesome mobile with Windows operating system.

  3. Thanks Anirudh Karthik for sharing such a awesome article. It will help a lot to those who want a get a smartphone at a cheaper price. I will further share it to my friends whose who want to buy a smart phone. I think that you had mentioned all the best smartphone below the range of 10,000 rs. I like your article very much.

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