HTC One Android 4.3 Update rolls out in Taiwan

HTC One Android 4.3

As HTC America’s President Jason Mackenzie ended his words that the Developer Edition would receive Android 4.3 updates soon. HTC One phones of Taiwan region received the Android 4.3 Updates. They are the first HTC One phone to get the Android 4.3 Update. Soon, the rest of the world would receive the updates. The file size is big, about 512MB. This update has many big changes like:

  • The whole of the new Android 4.3 UI
  • Battery Animation
  • Updates to Zoe, but no big changes to Sense
  • Improvements in Low Light camera (as many faced issues)
  • and much more..
HTC One Android 4.3
The Update screen of HTC One Android 4.3

The HTC One developer edition should see updates in coming days. Canada is supposed to get as quoted by HTC’s president. US Carriers will take some time for until software is certified. More news on the way. Stay Tuned! 🙂


  1. Hi Anirudh,
    Thank you for posting this article and sharing the knowledge with all of us.
    Its too nice to know about 4.3 update.
    Waiting for the same to be happen in India also.

  2. Hello Anirudh,

    OMG, really informative article. Seems like we need upgrade our O.S soon after it’s get launched in india. Actually my brother owns a HTC one smartphones.

    thanks for the news

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