Boosting your Personal Brand with a Personal Website

In today’s world of cut throat competition, one needs to recognize the need for publicity. Organizations need to readily promote their brands. Therefore, it is essential to create a personal brand identity. The first impression created by a personal brand should be good enough for its customers to remember it for a long period of time. To create a good first impression, it is essential to have a sound brand marketing strategy. One of the most economical and self-sufficient ways to build a brand identity is through the development of a good website.

Brand Goals

Boosting your Personal brand with a personal website:

  • Purchase a Domain name

Use the same name as you would like to be called in your personal life. It is an even better idea to use the same name as the one you have on your social networking websites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Spell the domain, it should sound something “BRAND”able.

  • Choose a hosting platform

You can get a customized and easy to fill template from CMS or Website builders. You need to find yourself the most suitable platform and the one that works best for you.

  • Design and Layout

After designing the initial layout, the focus should be on making your website attractive. Your website is actually the reflection of your personal brand. It should speak volumes and should be of a superior quality. You need to ensure the right choice of

  • Color
  • Photographs
  • Writing
  • Style
  • Font – Try and use a Sans Serif font, that will snatch the reader’s eyes!
  • Add a blog

Once the website is in place, it is a good idea to add a blog on your website. You can advertise your own skill and knowledge by writing a blog on your own website. It is also essential to update your blog from time to time.

  • Optimization of website

Getting the website optimized by powerful Search Engines and Search Engine Marketing Tools is critical to the success of the website.

Single man brand

 Some Popular Website Makers


IMCreator is an excellent website maker that allows the user unlimited disk space, a maximum file size of up to 20MB and has an inbuilt Template Builder offering a wide range of attractive templates.


Weebly is a “Drag n’ Drop” website builder. It is a simple, widget-based site builder that operates in the web browser. It supports basic features for blogging and e-commerce. It has other attractive features such as unlimited storage. However, there is a restriction on the individual file size.

If you are designing your client’s website, make sure you finish your project within time. Use Project Management Software to track your works.


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