Why do you need a Smartphone Insurance?

Smartphone insurance

In countries where smartphones are available on contracts at just $199 or less, smartphone mobile insurance seems to be a must have thing. Think of a situation, if you drop your device and it get damaged then the device for which you’ve paid only $199 earlier, now you’ve to pay $500 or more for the same.

In other countries where users have only one option to buy any smartphone off contract, they also got the same chance and if they get their smartphone damaged then their loss will be more since they have paid the complete price for the device and now they have to pay for the service.

There are few companies which have started offering smartphone mobile insurance since smartphones are highly popular these days. As a user, you must be in dilemma whether to pay additionally for insurance or not, right? I’m here with a guide for you that will help you to make a firm decision.

Smartphone insurance

Smartphone mobile insurance – Yes or no?

The traditional warranty feature covers only certain things during its duration i.e. one year or for last two years but in case you got it damaged accidentally or device get water logged then you’ve to pay for the services in spite of having the device among free service duration.

This is where smartphone mobile insurance comes into the role as they offer services if your smartphone gets damaged accidentally (anyhow) or even water get into it. So if you’ve the insurance then you don’t have to pay to get your device repaired.

Few of the insurance providers also offer pay back in case of lost or stolen.

So I’ll recommend you to have an Insurance for Smartphones. If you need the best insurances, Click here. In case you don’t opt for it then you’ve to manage the repairing bills on your own.

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  1. Hello Anirudh,

    Just visited your blogs after a long time, you’ve been doing good at your blog. Yeah we must need insurance to our smartphones and now a days all the mobile shops are providing mobile insurance.


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