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Open Site Explorer

With a wide range of readily available SEO optimization tools, one of the best in the industry is the great Moz’s Open Site Explorer. With both free and subscription paid versions of the beneficial tool, either one will prove to be crucial when establishing and maintaining your search engine rankings. Simply by choosing one specific website URL and entering it into a search engine, you will be able to look through a virtually unlimited amount of other various URL’s and, literally, trillions of relative links that allow you to compare your websites’ information to the competitions’. Although the Moz Open Site Explorer can be perceived as difficult to use, once you experience the more than helpful SEO tool, you will be amazed at both the ease of usability and the effectiveness that the program provides.

Open Site Explorer
Open Site Explorer Homepage

Viewing Specific Website Details to your Benefit

Probably the best feature that the Moz Open Site Explorer gives its users is the ability to look at individual website particulars on links from entities like Linking Root Domain, Page Authority, Total Links and Domain Authority. Having access to just about every link on the internet, with enough time and research, you will be able to master the SEO process with this unbelievably helpful tool. Of course, if you decide to upgrade to the PRO version of the Open Site Explorer (free for the first month trial), more detail related data can be viewed from some of the top SEO websites and social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google +1.

The Accuracy of Open Site Explorer – Linking Pages

Maybe the best feature of the Moz Open Site Explorer is the linking page tab. By selecting this tab, Open Site Explorer users will be allowed to see the total amount of links that are connected with the URL domain that was initially entered. Not only will you see the total amount of actual domains, but you will also have access to the links’ anchor text and the pages’ direct domain authority. Another great feature of the Linking Pages tab is the ability to sort specific data to list either all of the links, only the relative links or the top 301 links. Downloadable to a CSV file, the Open Site explorer also permits all of the research information to be broken down further into useful categories.

Using the Linking Domains Tab to Research Different Areas

Similar to the “Linking Pages” tab, the Linking Domains option will let you see each individual root domain that is currently being connected to your website. In addition to the root domain, this specific tab allows you to view the domains’ authority and the total number of root domains that are directly connected to any specific domain. Also allowing you to export this information to a CSV file for more in-depth manipulation, the linking domain tab allows a total of 10,000 links to be added to this file at a rate of 50 per page. To help organize your .CSV file, all of the data can be sorted by all of the pages on the entered URL, the Root Domain or the Subdomain.

Get a Full List of Link Metrics – Reporting that Matters

The Full List of Link Metrics tab is extremely beneficial when using the Moz Open Site Explorer because it reports all of the important data on one page that will be insurmountable when improving your SEO content. Using two separate circle graphs, this section will illustrate the percentage of internal and external links that are being followed and the percentage of links that are currently being followed or not followed. On top of the data reports that this tab provides to its users, the Open Site Explorer will also allow two different URL’s to be compared against each other. An essential SEO tool in order to continually improve your overall search engine ranking, the Link Metrics feature will have information on the individual areas below:

  • The Domain Moztrust

  • The Linking Root Domains

  • The Authority of the Page

  • The Domain Mozrank

  • The Total Amount of Links

  • The External Followed Links

  • The Internal Followed Links

New Feature: Just Discovered

Open Site Explorer Just Discovered
Just Discovered Feature Updated links

Moz rolled out this new feature: Just Discovered. This feature is just freaking awesome. It crawls the WWW and find the links pointing to your site every single day. But, the domain authority totally updates every month. You can check the incoming links every single day, if you are a free member, I guess you can’t see all the incoming links, only a few! I have a PRO account in Moz and I track my new incoming links, which is updated daily. I recommend this tool as a PRO member. You can buy it, it is worthy. I know it is expensive. But, they give a 3 month trial with less pay, which is affordable. Would you become a Open Site Explorer PRO member?

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