Top 10 Responsive WordPress Themes

Responsive Wordpress Themes

So you want to build a WordPress website, but you recoil at the thought of working with codes, thinking about the hours that you will spend just to get it half-decent. You are not alone. With technology constantly evolving, we are changing the way we browse online. As there are so many different devices being used to access the internet, we have to think about having our websites optimized, to deal with all the different screen sizes available. Now unless you are a wiz with web design and codes, your best option is to use a responsive WordPress theme.

Responsive WordPress Themes
WordPress themes viewed on all kind of gadgets.

What is A Responsive Theme?

A responsive theme will ensure that your website automatically adapts to whatever screen size it is viewed on. We have picked out the top ten, so continue reading to find out what is best suited to you.

  1. WP Professional

WP Professional is a great responsive theme for WordPress.. It was created by Solostream and it can be really good for blogging, or even professional use.It is both easy to use and customizable, so you can easily adapt it to suit your needs. Using WP Professional can ensure that your website is ready for use, by different devices. Once you have the theme, you can also use it on multiple sites. It even comes with a variety of features like a template for portfolios and video.

Other great features include:

  • A page template for a site map.
  • A variety of layout options for post and pages.
  • An alternative homepage template for businesses.
  • A slider for featured pages and posts.
  • A quick an easy way to integrate logos.
  1. Tisa Theme

Tisa Theme from Themify is has a retro flair and is great for whatever type of site you want to build. It can be used as a blog or even as a content management system. Generally, Tisa Theme works fully fluid and responsive on any device, including a desktop and mobile devices. The theme gives you quite a lot of options for customization, which allow you to personalize your site. There are even six different skins that you can choose from as a base to start. Also, there are different color schemes you can choose from which is great, giving you plenty of design options.

Some other options include:

  • A lightbox gallery that does not require the use of plugins.
  • A custom menu for the header and footer.
  • The option to add RSS, social network icons and a search form.
  • Support for a child theme.
  • The option to add up to four widget columns.
  1. Simfo

Simfo Theme is also from Themify. It is an ideal theme if you are looking for something clean. Although Simfo is minimalistic, it is still extremely dynamic and offers a great deal of versatility. You can use it for your blog but it also works well for a portfolio or even a professional business website. It is fluid on all devices and screen resolutions, with a variety of styles to choose from including a magazine layout. It is packed with some notable features, including 8 color scheme options and a lightbox gallery.

Simfo has even more great features including:

  • 8 different theme skins.
  • Support for a child theme.
  • The option to add RSS, social network icons and a search form.
  • Text and logo in the footer.
  • The option to add up to four widget columns.
  1. WP-Radiance

WP-Radiance is a really well-designed responsive theme for WordPress, made by Solostream. WP-Radiance is extremely bright and versatile but also very clean and simple to use. It is ideal for blogs but also makes a great responsive theme for professional businesses. You can choose from a variety of responsive layouts, from a magazine style to a simple blog. It is fully adaptable and fluid with the use of any browser size.

WP-Radiance includes some fantastic features including:

  • A template for portfolios.
  • A slider for featured pages and posts.
  • A quick an easy way to integrate logos.
  • A theme setting page for quick customization.
  • A widget for social media icons.
  1. Designfolio Pro

Designfolio is a fully responsive theme by Press Coders. This is the pro version but there is also a free version that has fewer features. Designfolio is easy to use and you can pretty much start adding content straight away. You have the option of customizing to suit your needs. You can choose your own colors, font, layout and so much more. The theme is ideal for anyone that wants a stylish online portfolio. There are many different features and options available, a favourite being a responsive flex slider, which lets you display different types of content and can be used with a touch screen.

Some more great features for Designfolio Pro are:

  • The option to build an eCommerce store as Designfolio integrates with all the major shopping carts, like PayPal.
  • Over 20 different options for layouts.
  • It can be used on multiple websites.
  • You get continuous support, including detailed video tutorials.
  • Google Web Font support.
  1. Textured

You should check out Textured if you want to create a magazine-style blog. It is an excellent fully responsive theme by MyThemeShop that uses different textures that accentuate and enhance content. The theme is minimal and easy to use, with lots of customizable options that give Textured that added functionality. You can choose from unlimited colors, typography and shortcodes. In addition there is an integrated options panel that allows you to customize everything. This means that you can build your site to fit your content and function.

Textured also has some more great features including:

  • An SEO optimized code that enables search engines to increase your rank.
  • A slide that displays your featured posts.
  • The option to add related posts, making your site extra user-friendly.
  • Powerful shortcodes.
  • A lightbox that you can use to highlight media.
  1. Pinboard

Does the name ring any bells? For those that are fans of Pinterest, you will definitely like Pinboard. Designed by Themify, it uses an auto-stacking design with infinite scroll, similar to the style of the desktop on Pinterest. The layout is fully fluid, working on different devices and screen sizes. It is perfect for blogging as it has great support for different media types. You even have the option of having multi-site integration.

Some more features include:

  • The option to choose the style of page navigation – an infinite scroll or numbered pages.
  • Three different layout options for posts.
  • Seven different theme skins.
  • Support for a child theme.
  • Lightbox gallery.
  1. Clean

Clean by Theme Trust is exactly what it says, clean. It is a minimalistic theme that you can use for a variety of websites, from a portfolio to a blog. As the theme is extremely customizable, you can build a site that is designed just for your needs and functionality. Clean is a fully responsive theme that adapts to different devices and scree types .It has some great features, including infinite scrolling and a slideshow that can be operated by touch.

Clean has some other great features including:

  • Support for Google Web Fonts.
  • Lightbox gallery.
  • The option to upload a custom logo image.
  • The support to have custom widgets.
  • A built-in options panel that allows you to make changes when you need to.
  1. WPClearVideo

WPClearVideo is a professional theme, by Solostream that is designed for video bloggers. It can also be used by businesses who wish to use videos for marketing. WPClearVideo is simplistic and professional and fully responsive on different devices and screen resolutions. It has a variety of features including a page template for YouTube videos that makes it easy and quick to add content.

WP-ClearVideo also includes more features including:

  • A widget for featured pages.
  • A featured posts and page slider.
  • A quick an easy way to integrate logos.
  • Multiple layout options for pages and posts.
  • A widget for YouTube videos.
  1. Foodie

Foodie is a fully responsive WordPress theme designed by MintThemes. It has been specially designed for people that love to blog about food and recipes – whether you’re a chef or a beginner cook. Foodie lets you showcase your work. You can easily post videos and images into the theme to display your yummy food photos. It even has a recipe builder that you can use to enter ingredients and quantities. Although, Foodie was designed for ‘foodies’ it can also be adapted for other purposes, meaning you can blog about whatever you want.

Foodie has some great features including:

  • Giving your readers the option to score their favourite recipes out of 5. The ratings are then averaged to display the top choices.
  • The option to add a video that you can use to help people make your dishes.
  • Logo integration.

As you can see, there are many different responsive WordPress themes that you can use to optimize your website for different devices. Whether that is a photographic or recipe theme, there is definitely one for you. Using a responsive WordPress theme is essential as it ensures that your website is user-friendly. If it is user-friendly then your visitors will just keep coming back. Give one a try. You will be glad you did.


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