Micromax Canvas 4 – The Smart Phone to Reckon With

Micromax Canvas 4

Since, its launch in the year of 2008, Micromax mobile now stands at the 3rd largest manufacturer of cell phones in India and the 12th ranking in the world. Today, Micromax mobiles are one of the common household names in the Indian sub continent and off late it has also forayed into the tablet market which is a very large and still a hugely untapped market. Gone are the days when buying a good smart phone was beyond the realms of a common man. But then with the coming of Micromax, that thing has changed forever. Micromax has done the unthinkable by coming out with a smart phone that comes at a cost which is very affordable.

Micromax Canvas 4
Micromax Canvas 4

With the latest Canvas 4, Micromax has provided the users of smart phones with another option that they can look at while buying a new phone. The phone packs an aluminum body that comes in two colors, namely black and white. The phone offers a good grip for the holder thus ensuring that you are happy to flaunt the same all the time rather than keeping it tucked away in your pockets. One greater feature of the phone is that it is light weight plus it comes with the surface touch technology ensuring that even with the cover on, one can use the screen of the phone.

The Micromax Canvas 4 comes with a display at 5 inches which is quite clear and has neatly designed edges that provide with clarity of view to the user. The phone also packs the latest iOS from Android that is the Android 4.2.1 or what is popularly known as the Jelly Bean. The camera of the phone is what adds the cherry on the cake. At 13 MP this is definitely one of the better cameras that smart phones these day feature. Add to this the 5 MP front camera and we have a smart phone that can give competition to the best smart phones around.

The camera comes with the panorama shots that can be taken in vertical mode. In layman’s language, one can shot a picture by moving the camera from top to bottom rather than the normal left to right. Thus, if one is visiting the leaning tower of Pisa than the whole structure can be covered in one shot. The video features an option wherein while enjoying a video on the phone, one can have a look at the preview of another video too. This again is a great feature to boost off.

One can also choose the multi screen option. This takes from the PIP of the Picture in Picture quality that can be seen in televisions. Using this option, one can watch a video in one half of the screen and watch some other content on the other half of the screen. The battery at 2000 mAh is quite good for a smart phone of these features and it comes with a 1 GB RAM and a flash memory of 16 GB that can be expanded up to 32 GB, if required.

Now, before we miss the days are gone when you would need to punch in a code or swipe across the screen or work on the pattern lock or use the face recognition for unlocking the phone. The Canvas 4 can be unlocked by shaking the smart phone and even by blowing on the Canvas 4. This definitely is something that we have not seen in any other smart phone, anywhere in the world till date.

Micromax Canvas 4
Micromax Canvas 4’s Blow or Shake to unlock screen.

Thus, this phone is not just light weight yet sturdy, but also packs features and benefits that would definitely make one have a second look at this phone if they are looking at owning a great and stylish smart phone. At the same time the processor is quite good and one would not experience any kind of time lag while running any app on the phone. At the price that this phone is being put on the racks, this definitely looks like something that would definitely attract users who are looking to buy a smart phone with a 13 MP camera without burning a big hole in their pockets. And yes, while watching a video on this phone if you look away the video gets paused automatically. Need we say more!!

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