HP Envy 17 Notebook: A detailed Overview

HP Envy 17

Willing to buy a next generation laptop and unable to decide which one to buy, then you must have a look on HP Envy 17 laptop that has 17.9 inches broad screen that is going to enhance your HD video experience out of the world.  Those who are looking for matte finish, formal looking laptop should choose HP Envy 17 for great work performance. When we talk about its specifications and features then list goes on and on but still some of the best features are illustrated below:

  • It has Intel Core i7 processor which is regarded as the latest one in market, loaded with turbo boost technology. You can still wait for the 4th Gen Haswell Processors.
  • The memory in the HP Envy 17 is vast; you can get 6GB and maximum 8GB memory that is expandable.
  • The video graphics are fabulous, Radeon HD with 5850 graphics.
  • It has blue ray slot as well as DVD multimedia driver.
  • Get LED bright vision infinity display on 17.3 inch full HD display
  • You get Bluetooth inbuilt device and triple BR subwoofer.

Picture and sound quality

Picture quality is fine and relatively better than other because of wide screen and HD graphics. The sound driver is inbuilt with latest applications. Windows 7 premium are genuine so problem of false window corruption will not occur. If you are looking for a wide diagonal screen that can project movie and characters in zoom format, then HP Envy 17 is the best laptop for you. It has sleek body which can fit into the bag which is given with the laptop, is approx. weight without bag is 8 pounds.

HP Envy 17

Pros and Cons

With so many features still HP envy 17 lacks in high battery backup. If it is used continuously then 2 hours 49 minutes is its life and again you have to charge it for at least 5 hours. When it is used while attached with the cord, the surface starts burning which does not allow people to keep the personal laptop on their labs easily. It is ideal for college students and homemakers but not suitable for people who have 24*7 works on operating system.


You can buy HP Envy 17 from online market as well as local authorized dealer easily. At online electronic stores you can get various offers under which dealers provide gifts, rebate on total cost. In order to buy the laptop on EMI, you can apply online and pay through credit card. Price of HP Envy 17 ranges from $650 to $850 varying with models with different specifications.

Overall value and rating

In market it has gained 4.5 out of 5 stars and experts have given it a remark of best laptop in current scenario. HP have given a new scope and hope to people who are willing to obtain something new and high tech. The price of the laptop is less than other brands which has all such features. To know more about its success in market you can go through reviews of consumers who have given green signal to the product. However, via online search engine you can read reviews of experts, computer geeks and common man experience.

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