YouTube SEO – What you must know!

YouTube SEO

Do you know that SEO is essential to success on YouTube? Your videos can be found both in Google search and in YouTube’s own search. If you want to increase your chances of being found successfully in those searches, it’s important to understand SEO for YouTube.

There are some basics like keywords in the titles and URL in the description that most people pick up on after a short time on YouTube but there is much more to great SEO than that. Let’s take some time to look over the different types of SEO and how it can be done within YT and also to help your video show in organic search.

YouTube SEO

So what do we mean by YouTube SEO? Let’s start with the basics. SEO is search engine optimization. We’re referring to how people find your links in search. If your video is about black bears, will they find it at the top of search when they type “black bears”? With proper SEO they will.

Here are some parts of YouTube SEO to be aware of:

Closed Captions- This works much like closed captioning on TV and it helps you get more views and SEO.

Description with script- Put the script of your video in the description. This goes a long way to helping your video show up in search. It will also help people who watch the video and they’re more likely to return for more.

An engaging video- Create an engaging video that people are going to want to view and share. If it’s not interesting, why should anyone care?

File name uses keywords- The file name that you use when you upload your video should have relevant keywords in it.

Have a relevant headline- Your headline should be relevant and should use keywords to help describe what the video is about.

Have a call to action- At the end of your video, you should also include a call to action, asking the viewer to do what you want such as to like or share the video.

SEO to Increase Likes

When you have improved YouTube SEO, you will get more likes. This is because more of the right people are going to see your videos. When they are optimized, the people who find them in search are going to be the people most likely to be interested in the videos in the first place. It’s a win-win all around.

When you have people liking your videos, it will encourage others to do the same thing. The more likes you get, the more views you are able to get, which means even more likes. It’s a process that builds on itself, like many other things in social media. Why do you think some videos go viral? Once they impress a number of people who start sharing it, more and more people want to see it and on it on it goes.

These SEO tips for YouTube will help you to increase the exposure to your site and your videos. Do you have any additional tips to add about YouTube SEO? Share it us below.


  1. Hi Anirudh !
    I really never knew that Youtube also needs SEO. But from now on, I will keep these things in mind, Thanks for such a nice informative article 🙂

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