Successful Website: What are the 5 Important Elements?


Let’s say you walk into an office to get some information. When you enter, you notice that the front desk is very messy. The lady behind the desk has messy hair and she looks ferocious too. When you look around, you notice that there is dust on the sofas, tables and magazines. Will you trust such a place? Will you still be interested in getting the required information?

You certainly won’t.

The same thing will happen to you if you design a low-quality website. People will come, take a look and leave with a bad impression. They will never come back and they will always speak ill of you. Can you really run your business with such a devastating reputation?

You certainly can’t.

So…All you need to do is to hire a professional web designer and create a high-quality website to run your business. Let me share with you 5 critical elements that you must incorporate to make your business website a huge success.

Successful Website

1. Neat and Clean

If your website is not neat and clean, then your visitors will say, “Yuck!” and they will leave immediately. When I say neat and clean, I mean you must organize your content and images in a decent and appealing manner. Having too much content and images will make your website look messy.

 After you add content and images to your pages, you need to determine whether your pages look cool and refreshing or not. If you think, they look dull and there is too much content everywhere, then you must fix the formatting.

Ensure that the design is neat too. Your logo and header will be seen first by your visitors. So, make them nice and attractive.

Remember, if you don’t like your own site, your visitors won’t like it either.

2. Proper Categories

If you are offering a lot of products, then it’s best to divide them into relevant categories. Many successful websites won’t spam their sites with such a lot of categories.

For example, an internet marketing firm is likely to offer writing, design and some other types of services as well other than SEO, PPC, SMO, and so on.

You must create separate and relevant categories so that your visitors will be able to click on the desired category to get the required information quickly and easily.

3. Complete Information

Don’t make your visitors guess. Always provide complete information on your product pages. Incomplete information will cause your visitors to leave your website.

Remember, people don’t like to take risks online. You need to know the requirements of your market and then provide complete information on your website.

4. Easy Navigation

It’s imperative that you allow your visitors to browse your website easily and comfortably. You need to organize all the links and categories in a nice and strategic manner.

Don’t make the mistake of changing your navigation pattern. What I mean is that if you have certain links in the footer, then keep them consistent throughout your website. Do the same with the links in your side bar and header.

Make it easy for your visitors to find what they need and keep everything consistent on your website.


5. Attractive Call-to-Action

 Don’t you want your potential buyers to buy from you?

 If yes, then you must ask them to buy. You can achieve this with a nice and attractive call-to-action. Call-to-Action plays a very important role in eCommerce sites.

When you visit some of the most famous shopping sites, you will notice that they don’t hesitate to ask you to buy and try them out.

You need to follow their strategy or you should say good bye to your potential clients.


From design to content and image placement and navigation to call-to-action, you must design your website with utter perfection. There is no room for mistakes, because it takes only a click to visit your competitors. Comment below with your success story of your blog/website.

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  1. Great elements, and the best part is that all of these are inter linked too, for example if navigation is not good it will affect your seo as your conversation rate will be low, further if coding is not clean page load time will be high, which means serp’s won’t rank the site high.

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