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With Android devices coming up with so much functionality its time spy apps become beefed up so they too give users an increased level of monitoring. Now as you would have already experienced, people have changed the way they communicate, since there is an app for almost everything, people have resorted to other means of sending messages and making calls. Smartphones have tremendously enhanced communication and has made things a lot easier for people. Not for carriers though, whereas internet usage has gone up, there has been a tremendous decrease in the use of SMS messages, this is not due to the fact that people are not text messaging anymore it’s just that they have resorted to other means of text messaging.
This is why you need an Android phone spy that stays in line with current trends; in more blatant words you need Stealth Genie. SG (Stealth Genie) allows you to monitor and do a lot more than usual spy apps. You can say it’s one solution that provides security along with various monitoring features.

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There are three parts to using Stealth Genie; Logs, Triggers & Alerts, and Remote Control. Let’s take a look at all three of them in more detail.


On this tab you will find all the monitoring features such as:

1.       Call Logs

2.       Recorded Calls

3.       SMS logs

4.       Recorded surroundings

5.       Gmail

6.       Email

7.       Contacts

8.       Appointments

9.       Photos

10.   Videos

11.   Music


13.   Browser History

14.   Geo Tracking

15.   Geo Location

16.   Installed App Logs

17.   WhatsApp Chat Logs

Now as you might have noticed SG takes WhatsApp spying into consideration as well, making sure you stayed informed about everything. In addition all the other features allow you to get full insight into all the activities of the cell phone including what kind of Apps are installed in the device.

Triggers & Alerts

This is a very important section which you will have to configure yourself. But don’t be alarmed it’s really simple and will make the monitoring experience easier. What it allows you to do is that you have set trigger contacts, trigger words for SMS, trigger for email addresses, and trigger words for emails. This way you can set the triggers and whenever the person uses those trigger words you will be alerted.

Remote Control

The remote control section as the name suggests allows you to control certain actions. You can set when SG should start recording surrounding sounds, you can start, stop, and delete the SG app, create a backup of the device, delete the data on the device, or lock the device. You can use the control panel on the website to do this, or you can send SMS commands to do the same.

Stealth Genie in an Android phone spy has quite an extensive array of features and after you install it, it’s up to you on how you utilize it. Moreover, you get a number of subscriptions packages to choose from so go ahead and select the one you think is best!


  1. Hey Anirudh Karthik, NIce Article. Realy android spy has lots of features . That app is very useful for me.
    thanks for sharing this Article.

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