Top 10 proven ways to increase Alexa ranking

Improve Alexa Ranking

Alexa is an online tool which provides rankings to websites on traffic basis. The rank is provided by calculating the number of visitorsarrive the website per day. It is the only online tool which can analyze the traffic and highest ranking keywords driving traffic to a website. Alexa is smart tool which stores reports of past 3 month’s traffic and ranking to present them to the user. Moreover, most of the companies consider Alexa rank as the key factor besides Page rank of the website. So good Alexa rank is always essential to a website.

 Are you thinking of the best way to increase Alexa rank of your website? Don’t worry! We are here to draw you out of the issue. We have listed here the Top 10 proven ways to increase Alexa ranking of your website. You might be interesting to know those tips. Check them out…!

10 Proven Ways to Increase Alexa Ranking:

Add Alexa widget to the Website:

Most of the ProBloggers suggest adding an Alexa widget to the website in order to boost rankings. counts the visits only coming from the browser with Alexa toolbar installed. So, it is better to grant a widget area of website to

Claim your site at

Claiming a website on requires adding a code to the website’s header file. So, it lets the Alexa tool to track your website easily and it definitely shows impact on the rankings provided to the website. I just mean that you are providing Alexa a permission to access your traffic stats. So, this way might assist us to increase alexa rankings of a website.

Install Alexa toolbar on your Browser:

As already mentioned we know that Alexa tool tracks the traffic from a browser with Alexa toolbar installed in it. So, we must install Alexa toolbar to the browser we use and it is recommended to suggest others to install the toolbar on their browsers. It may help you a little to boost your Alexa rankings.

Update Regularly: 

Everyone likes regular updates and the same does the Alexa tool. Search engines always look for latest content on a website. Updating the website with content regularly increases the search traffic to the site and thus it contributes to increase in Alexa rankings of the website.

Write a review of

Just as we write review for gadgets or product write a review for Alexa tool and give a link back to It may aid us to improve alexa ranking to some extent.

Always Prefer Premium:

Upgrading to premium in Alexa account can help us use Alexa tool to more extent which comes with more features to improve ranking. The premium account tracks the day by day traffic to the website just as the Google analytics do. Moreover, it lets us know the keywords and their expected positions in Search engine results page. So, premium account provides more scope to boost rankings of the website.

Build links to the Website:

We know, Alexa counts and provide reports on the sites in which our site is linked with, simply it counts the back links to the website from other sites. As Alexa tool access the links to the website it may contribute to increase rankings. But it is always better to build quality back links to the site. Spammy link backs to the site may affect the rankings and it even affects the SEO of the website.

Attract Visitors:

The number of page views of the Website shows a great affect on rankings of Alexa. So, attract visitors to view more pages on your website by using some plug-ins to display the related posts. Interlinking older posts with newer posts can also increase the number of pages viewed. Do not forget to interlink the posts of the same niche. If the post is unique from the topic of the post, it cannot attract visitor to view the page.

Set your Website as Home page:

The Best Tip Ever:

Whenever you go to the cybercafé, make your website as the home page of the browser. It makes out a view whenever the browser is opened. We can even manage the owner of the cybercafé by offering them some bucks and ask them to use our website as their home page.

Get more Alexa reviews:   

Ask your friends to write a positive review to your website on Increase in number of reviews may increase the value of site considering the rating and it increases the ranking of the website. Get more reviews and get ranked well.


  1. I understand that Alexa rank is important, but I just don’t get why it would be important for a business to have their stats shown on Alexa. I don’t see the connection between my customers and Alexa. Does higher Alexa ranking affect Search engine results? In any case, I will gladly take any opportunity to improve my overall web presence. Thanks for the post.

  2. Hi, for my sites I applied almost every techniques but I only succeed to decrease only 20,00,000. Now the present ranking is 6442678. So what should I do if I want to see this in below 100,000.

    waiting for your reply.

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