Best Windows Phone Games so Far

Windows Phone Games

With the recent development in the Windows phone operating system and an improvement on the handset designs that utilize the Windows mobile operating system there has been a dramatic increase in the number of handset owners that utilize the Windows phone system.

Both Android and Apple have incredible app stores full of a variety of different, and in order for the Windows phone to succeed it too needs an app store that rivals those of the big boys.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the best Windows phone games that have been released so far! We’ve summarized five hot Windows phone games that everyone should at least download and try out. We’ve chosen games that are suitable for both adults and children alike.

Windows Phone Games

#1 – The Path of Kara                        

Everybody loves a good puzzle game, and The Path of Kara is one of the best puzzle games available from the Windows phone market. The logic based game is interesting enough to keep both adults and children entertained for hours. A young girl requires the help of a hero in order to save her island. To lend her a helping hand you need to solve arcade based puzzles, working through the puzzles one stage at a time. The game is full of interesting characters and plot twists and turns that will keep you engaged with the game. With great graphics and a fun score this is a well rounded Windows phone game.

#2 – Chimpact  

If you enjoyed the catapulting craziness of Angry Birds then you will also enjoy Chimpact. Instead of destroying sniggering piggies you instead use monkeys to collect bananas and other goodies. The gorgeous graphics and steady animation make Chimpact an enjoyable game to play. With a total of 48 levels and to different types of gameplay this fun and easy to play game will keep you and your kids amused for hours.

#3 – Paper Dash      

Did you spend endless hours playing Paperboy on the Sega? Well, now you and your little ones can spend hours playing Paper Dash, the Windows phone equivalent to Paperboy! Despite the smaller screen size Paper Dash makes optimum use of the screen, ensuring that the controls aren’t too fiddly or difficult. Paper Dash has a very similar look and feel to Paperboy, giving any gamer a great sense of nostalgia during gamplay. This is a great reinvention of a classic Sega game, and definitely one for the retro gamer.

#4 – Sketch Taxi      

It’s not so much the gameplay idea behind Sketch Taxi that makes it a winner; it’s the original idea and the awesome graphics. All of the elements within the game look like they have been hand drawn by a young adult, using felt tip pens on a piece of old school graph paper that has been ever so slightly crumpled. It smacks of the bored child using their imagination to create a game instead of doing their school work, and because of its cheeky childlike nature Sketch Taxi has become a hit with Windows phone users. Definitely one to download to fully appreciate!

#5 – Monster Up Adventures    

Every parent needs an app on their phone that keeps their kids amused, entertained and most importantly quiet! If your little monster loves Moshi Monsters then Monster Up Adventures is the perfect app for you. Monster Up Adventures has a very similar look and feel to the Moshi Monster world, and they will quickly be able to pick up the gameplay without needing you to assist them.

Author Bio: The article was authored by Michael Clark. He is a game lover since childhood and specially windows games. Sniper Games 365 is the site with whom Michael is working since 2 years.

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