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Nintendo Wii U

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In the past decade, Nintendo has consistently surprised gamers with increasingly innovative game consoles with increasingly ludicrous names. In the last few months, they help up to their reputation by releasing the ” Wii U” console. With it, they plan to please just about everyone from dedicated gamers to casual gamers and even non-gamers. Do they stand a chance of success? Read on to Find out.

What makes the Wii U special?

The most striking aspect of the Nintendo Wii U is, of course, the oversized controller featuring a 6.2” touchscreen.  It looks very much like a cross-over between a tablet and a gamepad, and through it, Nintendo is once again trying to redefine the gaming experience –as they did with the original Wii.Additionally to its multi-touch sensor, the Wii U Gamepad features motion sensors and a built-in camera, all of which are intended to add a new dimension to the experience.

For example, you can use the secondary screen embedded in the controller to manage inventory in a game, or it may serve covert information to one of the players in multiplayer games. It can also be used to stream content from the console (meaning you can play it without need for a television), as well as controlling the actual television contents – for example while browsing the web. It may sound like an odd concept at first glance, but it is really ground-breaking and allows for various innovative applications that really allow game developers to get creative.

Nintendo Wii U
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Wii U Technical Specs

The Wii U sports tri-core Power PC CPU running at 1.24 Ghz, a 550Mhz AMD Radeon GPU, 2 GB of RAM, supports full HDMI output, and comes with 8GB or 32GB of internal memory (depending on the model). What does that mean in layman’s words?

Simply put, it’s a bit more powerful than consoles of the current generation – such as the PS3 or the Xbox 360. It’s not incredibly more powerful, and it will probably be left in the dust processing power-wise, when the subsequent iterations of those consoles are released in the next couple of years. But then again, Nintendo consoles have never been about processing power, since their focus has clearly been on supplying innovative gaming experiences.

Also, it’s worth noting how the Wii U avails backward compatibility to all the games and controllers of the original Wii, and in some cases it allows playing the original games at slightly improved resolutions; this is a really nice touch, and a nice homage to people who already own and enjoy the Wii.

Games now available for the Wii U

Barely three months have passed since the Wii U was released to the international markets, and so far over three million units have been sold. This is good news, and indicates the console was met with a very positive response, which in turn means that more and more developers will be interested in creating games for the Nintendo Wii U console.

So far, over 40 games were released, 23 of which were available from day one. The most popular titles include: Nintendo Land, Super Mario Bros Wii U, Zombie U, Assassin’s Creed, Darksiders 2, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition. Not all of these games are suitable for young children, indicating how Nintendo is looking to expand its target demographic with this console.

Our Final Verdict

In short, the real strength of the Wii U is not about state of the art graphics (although it will be able to deliver that, at least for a short while) – but rather, it’s all about redefining the gaming experience. And that that, it does succeed, and we can assure you the touchscreen on gamepad is a genius concept that rivals Sony and Microsoft are already adapting for their own consoles.

Get to know the price of Wii U in USA and the Price in India and more details here: Wii U. It is priced around $300.

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