How to Transfer contacts from a SIM card to Android

SIM Card to Android

Even if we have things called “smartphones”, the “smart” in their name doesn’t mean they can do ABSOLUTELY everything you want them to. Sometimes they just need a nudge in the right direction. Especially when you throw away an old one and want to get a new model made by a different manufacturer.

One of the most asked questions when that happens is this: how does one transfer his or her contacts from a SIM card to a handset that uses Android? The answer to that is very simple. And we will provide it to you in this guide.


But, in order to avoid any arising trouble, certain elements known as “requirements” must be followed through. Because if you don’t take them into serious account, you risk experiencing an unsuccessful transfer. Here are the pre-requisites you should attend to before you do anything else: make sure the Android phone has Google Account setup and then add a Google account to it (Gmail is the one you need to have at the end of the day). Now we shall see what steps you should follow so that your contacts are transferred from the SIM card to your new Android device.


  1. Step one will ask you to insert the SIM card into your smartphone, then find Contacts and tap on Menu.
  2. For step two you need to opt for Import/Export.
  3. Step three: choose Import from SD card; once that is accomplished, you will be prompted to perform the following deed: import contacts into the Gmail/Google account extension. At the end of this action, every single contact on your SIM card is going to sync to your account. If you haven’t already added your own Google account to your Android phone, you should do it now.
  4. Step four: wait for the contacts (which you wanted to sync to the phone) to be shown on the device in order. And these are all the steps which are required.

However, as with any transfer, problems can and will arise. Maybe you don’t see the contacts on the smartphone. No worries: redo our tutorial. And this time, to be sure that they are there, just go to your phone and find the option called Contacts. If you see them there, great; if that’s not the case, modify the Display options. Now your acquaintances are featured on your new Android handset. And all is well again.

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