Targeted Website Traffic – What are the Benefits?

Targeted Website Traffic

Targeted Website Traffic – it’s not a new terminology. It has been in the air since the emergence of blogging, E-commerce and online business. These entire genres need targeted traffic to be successful. There was a time when no one knows what SEO is. People were wondering around haphazardly in the jungle of internet. No one has even imagined that business can grow online because people don’t know specifically where they want to go. But SEO is on a new pinnacle, and consequently one can have a targeted traffic and consequently online businesses and E-commerce sites are showing an upward trend.

Let me elaborate a little more…

Targeted website traffic is so important in today’s era. Let us understand this point by having an example of online cloth store. In this case product is specific. They are selling cloths. So they will have traffic from the people who want to buy clothes. Which shows that the site is getting “specific group” as traffic, group which aims to buy cloths. So it is advisable to have targeted traffic, traffic that is interested in products you are offering.

Now you will say that, what is wrong if someone who does not want to buy the specific product but visits my site? There isn’t anything wrong. But this phenomenon suggests that you are amidst poor Internet marketing. It is admirable if your site has hefty of users but think how will it seem to you if they don’t buy anything?

Have some statistics…

A survey suggests that half of the people know where they want to go on internet; they are quite specific what they want to target!! This is due to offline marketing by the organization or firm. On the other hand there are another fifty percent of people who use search engine for their direction. And here comes SEO into game and consequently targeted web traffic, too. These  half of people is quite important for online business, as if someone find a good site than it will quite difficult to make them realize that your site is as good as he is using currently. So, search engine is a double edged sword. You have to work on your SEO to get this targeted traffic.

Know the Benefits of Targeted Website Traffic:

Bounce rate-

If your website has targeted traffic then there are fewer chances that your site has higher page bounce rate. Bounce rate is an analytical terminology. It shows the number of users on your site and how much they stay on your site.

Ideally your site have bounce rate less than 50%. If you have higher bounce rate then you have to start worrying about your site as well as your business. As higher bounce rate suggest that people are visiting your site but they are not staying there. There can be multiple reasons behind this scenario such as wrong marketing or misleading content.

It is also noted in a survey that if you have targeted Website traffic than you will have surely improved Google Page Rank. Ultimately Google is so “Natural”!!

So, try to get targeted traffic. Amazing opportunities are waiting for you on line.

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Now, you may be familiar about getting Targeted Website Traffic for your posts. Enjoy Blogging 🙂


  1. Anirudh – great post.Targeted website traffic< is definitely the currency of internet marketing. It's also sooooo much easier to convert. But if you have a product that everyone wants (like a free iPad), untargeted traffic can be a lot cheaper and easier to get.

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