Prediction of Samsung Smartphones in 2013

2013 Samsung Smartphones Prediction

One of the biggest success stories of the year 2012 was the sales made by Samsung. And, with the beginning of the year 2013, there are no chances of the company getting down from the winning horse. According to the market analysts, the company is going to take over from where it left last year and increase its sale by 35% this year. It can easily take the lead over its counterpart Apple with this pace. They are also of the opinion that in comparison to the prediction made for Samsung selling 215 million handheld’s last year, the company is predicted to make a sale of more than 290 million Smartphone’s in the year 2013.

The handsets of the company come in an array of shapes and sizes, from the Galaxy SIII mini to the sleek Galaxy Note thus, appealing to a wide range of consumers. The analysts are also expecting Samsung to make worldwide sales of 875 million Smartphone’s. This is a 27% increase in the sales made by the company last year. This increase in sales worldwide will make the company gain a 33% market share. Whereas, in comparison for Samsung, the Apple is expecting a 1% rise in the market share totaling to 21% in the year 2013.

Tizen OS:

With the Samsung launching its Tizen OS devices in the current year and the Galaxy S IV, the stage is set for the company to cross the 290 million Smartphone sale mark worldwide. The prediction is that maximum Smartphone’s of the company will be the Android-powered Galaxy series along with a great number of Windows Phone 8 handsets. The maximum number of the devices is under production in the company’s factory located in Vietnam. The other lot is projected to come out of China, Korea and India. One of the upcoming devices, the GT-i9600 can help the company achieve the massive 2013 predictions. The Smartphone has been recently leaked on the Nenamark 2 site. It boasts of some very strong features such as a 1.4 GHz processor, Mali-400 MP graphics and HD display. All these features are in the Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2.

Smartphone Expectation:

Samsung was brave with the launch of its S3’s and the S4’s designs. With the latest processor technology of the company, some innovative ideas and a little molding, Samsung could push the boat further. The scientists in the company are working day in and day out on new ideas and latest technologies to surprise the world. The company does not have the taste for Android alone. The Samsung Window Phone 8 devices have helped the company gain tremendously in the market. There are chances that the descendant to the ATIV S will take ground-breaking ideas for the Galaxy series.

The world can be sure of one thing that the Samsung will continue to maintain its dominance over the world in Smartphone’s. Boosted by the sales during the last year, the Korean giant is expecting to live up to the predictions made for the year 2013. With the past record boast of, there is no stopping to the company.

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