Google Prepping a “Next Gen Nexus 7” Full HD Tablet


After the monumental success of Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets, Google has been reportedly testing various innovative mobile devices to cement its place in the highly competitive tablet market. The 7 and 10-inch tablet markets are one of the most sought after markets, as there are numerous tech players who pitch in with their innovative products every now and then. The one high point with Google is that it has a highly marketable brand in Nexus, and can build on the success garnered by previously launched products such as the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. Google is expected to reveal its product plans and roadmap for 2013 in its I/O event scheduled for May 2013.

The most widespread news about the event is that Google will take the event to unveil its next generation Nexus 7 tablet. The rumor has been viral for some time now and many analysts assert that if true, the reported product can elevate Google status as an out-and-out player in the tablet arena.


Rumors & News:

With the dates announced for the I/O event, analysts and technocrats are eager to know the product plans of Google in 2013. Consequently, reporters and bloggers are pitching in with their guesses and medial leaks sourced from online references. Of which, a popular source reported that Google was prepping its next generation Nexus 7 in partnership with ASUS. The Taiwanese multi-national had previously reported that shipments of first generation Nexus 7 tablets had crossed the 5 million mark, and with the second generation Nexus 7 tablet it expects the shipments numbers to cross a combined 10 million units.

Based on the information provided by the sources, the second generation Nexus 7 will incorporate new features and design upgrades that will make the next gen tablet thinner and lighter. The next generation tablet is set to be powered by Android’s upcoming mobile operating system Key Lime Pie (Android 5.0). The new tablet will be available in two models 16 gigabyte and 32 gigabyte. Among other changes, the tablet will feature a full HD resolution and will be built using light and eco-friendly materials. The display will be designed using Corning’s recently launched Gorilla Glass 3.

There is nothing official from Google or Asus on the widespread rumor, so until then the rumor stays and it is advised to take it with a pinch of a salt. On the flip side, let’s analyze the possible features that could upgrade the first generation Nexus 7 in terms of innovations and latest technologies.

Features that Could Aggrandize the Rumored Next Gen ‘Nexus 7’:

In terms of chipset and memory, a major upgrade would make it fine, possibly Tegra 4 or Qualcomm’s S4 Pro, while the RAM capabilities need to be upgraded to at least 2 gigabytes. There is a serious need for a memory card slot that will enhance the memory storage capacity. In terms of connectivity, a HDMI port or MHL port would help connect the device to HDTVs. 4G LTE support is a must, topped off with NFC capabilities.

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