Eight Most Priceless Marketing Tools from Google

Google Tools

Google has captured the maximum market share and has become an indispensable part of the web world. It is hard to think life without Google. It has permeated in each dimension of life and the expression “Google it” comes from mouth many a time in a day. Millions of users are using this giant search engine and since it is being optimized more and more they users are increasing day by day. Google provides some wonderful and valuable marketing tools for the various webmasters and marketers who want to promote their web content. Below mentioned are some of the widely used Google tools:-

  • Google Analytics– This is the most important tool for any website and gives you an account of the traffic and what that traffic surfed on your site. You can check up to 3 websites. It provides information in the form of snapshots and tracks everything from sales to ROI.
  • Google Sitemaps– They enable any website designer to upload its newly created content on the website on the Google. The format is XML and this tool is very functional for those marketers who want to add more and more information on their website. 
  • Google Alerts– It makes you aware whenever you site name is mentioned by another site or somewhere in the web business. A comprehensive way to keep a record of all your business interests and online activities. 
  • Google Froogle– Now this can be named as “Price Directory” and list various cheapest product prices available on the various websites. Optimizing your website for Froogle can really increase traffic on your website. It helps in directing the potential customers to your website. You just have to follow the guidelines of the froogle and you will be through. 
  • Google Checkout– For the marketers who use AdWords this tool has got major significance. For $ 1 spent on the AdWords you can process up to $10 for free.
  • Google Blogger– This is a platform to promote your website content and what’s all about it. Writing one blog is mandatory for all websites and this will certainly increase traffic and targeted customers to your web content. This service allows you to post your blog content from your own website server.
  • Google Toolbar– Enterprise Version- it is the latest version of the Google toolbar and gives you a platform to use many professional customized features such as Financial news, business calendar and customer database. Moreover to every page Google index it gives a rating on the scale of 0-10. Definitely it is important to know the rating of your competitor’s and companion’s page.
  • Google Groups– Social networking has also been the platform to connect to various customers. It acts like a database where similar interest customers are categorized together. Growing significance can be seen on MySpace and Live Journal.

Final Call

Signing up for a Google account will help you in availing most of these services but for some you need to access individually. These tools are worth your time and effort. They will simplify your marketing process and will enhance its efficiency.

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