Dell Inspiron 15R 5521 – Dell’s 2013 Debut

Dell Inspiron 15R 5521

The Basics 

Dell recently unveiled its new Inspiron 15R (named so for its 15 inch screen) models at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Inspiron product line has been around for a number of years, but this year’s version comes at a variety of price points with a number of exciting features. By the time that this year’s CES came around, these laptops had been tested and used in Germany, and are just now being made available to the United States and Canadian markets (through the online store in Germany). The new Inspiron line comes in three main models:

The Basic Model 

The basic model of the Inspiron 15R is priced around $550, making it a great option for those that want more features than many base models without having to top the $1,000 mark. This model has six gigabytes of memory with a five hundred gigabyte hard drive. 

Dell Inspiron 15R 5521
Dell Inspiron 15R 5521

The Mid-Price Model

The mid-pricing model of the Inspiron 15R is priced around $700, making it a solid choice for those that want more features than the 15R base model but don’t need all of the space that comes with the highest price model. This model also has six gigabytes of memory with a five hundred gigabyte hard drive, but features a faster processor than the base model. 

The Luxury Model

The more luxury model of the Inspiron 15R still manages to come in under the $1,000 – this generally sells for around $800. This model also has eight gigabytes of memory with a one terabyte hard drive, with a faster processor than the other models. Instead of having to purchase an external hard drive to get this amount of memory, this model gives it to you within your laptop. 

Dell Inspiron 15R
Dell Inspiron 15R

Features Included In Each 15R Model

The entire Inspiron 15R line includes a number of common features. The most noticeable may be that the laptop itself is a lot thinner than the prior Inspiron models were (nearly 20% thinner), making it easier to tote with you wherever you go. Those of us that take our laptops everywhere will also appreciate the fact that the line only weighs in at 5.12 pounds – 15% lighter than the prior generation of the same laptop. The computers also all have a longer battery life as a result of power saving technology in the processor. Their standard case color is silver, but the buyer can choose to switch this case out for one that is blue, red, or pink.

The new Inspiron line also includes Bluetooth in each of the new laptops and MaxxAudio4 speakers for your listening enjoyment. Each model is also pre-loaded with skill so that you can immediately start making your video chatting in HD. They have also been optimized with touchpads to take advantage of certain features in Windows 8. 

The Reviews

The reviews of this year’s Inspiron 15R line have been very favorable and cite the power saving technologies and fairly low price point as driving factors. Overall, technology bloggers prefer these new 2013 models to the previous editions.

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