Aspire S7 – The First Touchscreen Ultrabook by Acer

Acer Aspire S7

Acer, introducing the third line of its Ultra books, now returns to the market with Aspire S7 having a highly responsive touchscreen! Undoubtedly, the first of its kind, the company now integrates this technology in an Ultrabook.

Acer has given users the option, to either work or play with S7, using the touch screen or keyboard and a track pad. Considered as the world’s one of the thinnest ultrabook, it is also the first that has been especially designed for Windows 8, supported by Intel Core i7 CPU. All this is packed in a white simple chassis having a lid of Gorilla Glass.

In Windows 8, the touch screen serves as a helpful secondary tool, because this latest Windows have a not-Metro interface and also supports new and diverse gestures. For sure, one might not be flexible with the touch and won’t use it always, but within a couple of days, people will be comfortable in using this tech for quick scrolling on longweb pages and generally for quick swiping on their thin and trendy ultrabook.

The Aspire S7 is also termed as flagship of Acer, which is loaded with the super speedy processor Intel Core i7 that promises a top notch performance, having the support of maximum 12 hours of battery! This ultrabook will be available in 11.6 inch and 13.3 inch versions soon with a screen of 10 point touch display that has the ability to fold all the way back, in order to make it flat in line with the keyboard. Though having Corning Gorilla Glass for the protection, it is extraordinarily lightweight and extremely portable.

Acer Aspire S7

Superb Design and Top Class Features

S7 is claimed to be one of the attractive ultra books of the 2012 era. Its incredible size, weight and features with glass covered lid make it stand apart from other series of notebooks or laptops. Unlike, HP Envy Spectre, the wrist is glass free. The body is made up of aluminum and Acer has named it a unibodychassis, similar to Apple, which actually means that the base is designed and created with a single block of material. As this powerful ultrabook is highly priced, lowers its popularity and therefore, lacks acceptance and ownership from people, due to the un-affordability factor.

However, this piece of creation is highly impressive! With a flat topped keyboard having keys in an island style and a quick responsive touch screenadds on to the way a user interacts with the Windows 8, which is somehow similar to iOS/Android style tiles.

Nevertheless, there is no need of integrating a touch screen in laptops, ultrabooks and notebooks, but as today, people are becoming habitual of using touch screens on their Smartphones, Tablets etc.hence, for a similar experience and to provide a better way of interaction then the previous generations of computer systems, Acer has taken the initiative to launch a high-end ultrabook with this feature, coming in the market as Aspire S7.

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  1. Well Acer is giving a tough competition to its rivals and I hope this time Acer has huge potential to be No.1 in the market. What do you say ?

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