What is the Accuracy of Google in detecting duplicates?

Duplicate Content

It is usual to review at a thing,which is at a peak of reputation all time to know about its accuracy in giving a quality service.Each day new things keep on entering into the market to keep the researchers engaged. Recently, AnalyzeThsis, a website based in Russia, analysed the accuracy of the results returned by Google’s search. It rated considering various metrics like adult content filtration, spam results etc. among all these it deliberately analysed how duplicity is handled by Google. That is how well it detects the original content lying on top of duplicate content.

It is a daily on going scenario where you create contents and publish it online. Your contents will be eventually copied by someone. Now when the related topic is searched the original creators expect their page to be in first row. But due to the tricks of spammers, duplicate contents take the first row. This is highly undesirable. Based on the survey conducted in 2011, Google’s accuracy was about 57%. This is the best when compared with other search giants.

Duplicate Content

Actual prevailing problem:

Google is the most used search giant. When it is high ranked obviously, it concerns for giving you best search results. But, when many pages of same content prevail on the web, it is difficult for Google to segregate between the original and duplicate. Though variety of strategies like the age of the page, inbound links it has, authority of the site and so on are considered it often ends up in inaccuracy.

Panda and Penguin are the latest update made by Google. The algorithms used in this version make it hard for the spammers to trick the results.

However, it is a crucial thing to be noticed by the website creators to handle the duplicity. They must monitor their website for stealing of the content.

Tips for an entrant in guest blogging:

Are you a person who waits to be recognized by all? If you are keen, then sep in to be a guest blogger. If you try to reach people through your ownblog, it might take you some time. But if you post your contents in good reputed blogs you can reach out so easily and you familiarity could be made more elated.

In recent times, all the trends have been changed. The bloggers need their blog to be more resourceful and more standard. They are in hunt for the writers who can make contents that are more resourceful. So if you can offer branded contents you can be a guest blogger.

To begin, search on the search engines for guest blogging. Sort out the sites that you prefer. After sorting, you must consider the following:

  1. Is the site well established?
  2. Take a note of the contact details.
  3. Is the site active?
  4. Note how interactive the author of the content is. If he allows only guest blogging, its value reduces.
  5. Look for ACRank, MOZTrust and so on.

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