Much Anticipated Gadgets of 2013

2013 trending games and gadgets

The year 2012 had been the one that was complete with new Gadget releases, upgrades, updates and more. It was the year of iPad Mini, iPhone 5, Galaxy S3, Nexus 7 and others. But now, as the Gadgets get sexier, more powerful, slimmer and affordable, the gadget geeks can surely have a feast in the year 2013. So, what’s all that you can look forward to in 2013 when it comes to latest gadgets? Let’s see here.

Google Glasses

It is rumored that Google is in the experimenting mode with the glasses which can connect to the web world and even act somewhat like a Smartphone. Surprised? Yes it will be somewhat like this. So, just look forward to boasting the glasses as soon as they get launched in the year 2013.

The next iPhone- iPhone 5S or iPhone 6?

With the great success of the iPhone 5, the next iPhone Gadget is in fact one of the most awaited devices of the year 2013. It will surely have the yearly upgrades. Rumors are abuzz that though the exact model has to be announced, the features and pictures of the upcoming iPhone are already out.

It is speculated that the next iPhone will be slimmer and larger. It will be approximately 6 inches and might even have the 4.8 inches retina + IGZO by Sharp, thereby making it all the more clearer and brighter than the predecessors. With basic features of an iPhone, we can expect that the next one will be competing hard with the large Smartphones in trend.

Xbox 720

The true Gadget that the gaming geeks are waiting since long is the Xbox 720. This will be the Gadget to be released after Xbox 360. The Xbox console is rumored to be there with optical drive for amazingly fast streaming, high resolution graphic levels and a lot more.

Whether it will be the update of the Xbox 360 or a new console, the fact is that the developers are working on the chipset and new titles so that the console becomes available to the users somewhere around Christmas 2013 or earlier than that.

Play Station 4 

Though Sony is to confirm the release of the 4th generation of Play Station series, it is rumored that it is possible in 2013 to see the latest Play Station 4. It is even said that the company may not give it the name of Play Station 4 and might replace it with “Orbis”. It is expected that the console will run on AMD A10 APU chip and will have 8GB or 16GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Smartphone from the Galaxy series will feature 5 inches display, 3GB RAM, ARM Cortex A15 quad core processor, up to 128 GB storage and other exciting options. Other details available about the Smartphone are that it may sport 13 MP camera, thicker body and will offer the Note like experience. It is also rumored that the S4 will be there with S Pen.

So, the above mentioned gadgets are the much awaited ones in the year 2013. Get set go and grab them as they get released.

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