Customize Windows 8 Advanced Startup Option Menu

Boot UI Tuner

In comparison to its predecessor Windows 8 has a drastic change overall. Boot menu is a part of that change. It is kind of renamed such as Advanced Startup Option Menu. It does have changes, like this menu is using Graphical User Interface (GUI) elements instead of legacy mode which was present in previous version of windows.

There are various other changes also. In previous versions of Windows you have to continuously press F8, after BIOS menu get on to the screen, to have access to the Startup Menu. Now, may be to reduce the processing time, you can only enter the menu via PC Settings. It’s easy, isn’t it? Yes. But it has some other sides also. Such as if you face any problem during installation, or if you get your installation corrupted, you will not have any access to Start Menu.

So, what could be the best possible solution? And, the answer is Boot UI Tuner. It is utility software with just 52 kb file size (both 32bit & 64bit versions are available) and very simple design indeed. So, shall we have a look at what it has to provide?

Boot UI Tuner

Enable advanced option of boot menu: The function displays the advanced boot menu every time you boot your computer. Within the boot menu, you can use F-1 to F-9 function keys to select the desired option (such as debugging, boot logging, low resolution video, automatic restart after failure etc.

Enables editing of boot options at start up: can be used for certain advanced kernel settings before boot process.

Enables windows logo: this option enables boot screen animation.

Enable loading circle: Toggles the circle animation.

Enable legacy boot menu: not fancy with windows 8 boot menu? Try this option. You will get Windows 7 boot menu screen. So, why to wait? Just go and have Boot UI Tuner.

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