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Bitdefender Antivirus is one of the most prestigious names in the online security business. Their products had always been great in quality and service but their new lines of products for Windows 8 OS had topped among all other security software’s released in past years.

Many of the recent Antivirus and security releases are compatible with Windows 8 but Bitdefender security for windows 8 is the first Security suite aimed solely at Windows 8 and only Windows 8.

Full protection features includes Silent security, exceptional speed and performance, Safe Social Networking , Secure backup, Safe Browsing ,Antispam and Antiphising technology and lots more.


The new features included in the BitDefender Windows 8 Security are as follows:-

  • Interactive Main UI : The Main UI of the software as it is fully compatible with windows 8 is also has the modern windows 8 UI look. BitDefender makes its security easy to use for the user and access all features from Main UI. You can access all features of Antivirus, Privacy, Firewall, Tune UP from the Main UI. All the Issues and warning can be seen from the Main UI which is quite well arranged.
  • Early Start-up Scanner:  ItUses Early Launch Anti-Malware (Elam) technology which prevents your system from dangerous malware trying to infect your computer at Windows 8 startup.
  • Proactive App Scanner:  It automatically analyses your Windows 8 applications and informs you when one has been compromised or suspicious activity takes place.
  • Security Info: BitDefender is integrated with the Windows Security Center and continuously keeps you up to date of the security of your PC.
  • Scan Boost Technology:  You willexperience the antivirus product you’ve always sought – high scanning speed, top anti-malware protection and a streamlined experience.
  • Online Remote Management – Stay connected to your device’s security from any Internet-connected device. MyBitdefender allows you to see security status, fix security issues and initiate scans on any of your Bitdefender-protected devices.
  • My Bitdefender dashboard: The Dashboard includes the option to update your BitDefender and Registration. It also contains Remote management, Safe box option, Anti theft, Parental control and safego for Social Networking websites.

There are five different Scan options to choose and they are Quick Scan, System Scan, Custom Scan, Vulnerability Scan and Rescue Mode.

You can download the Trial Version from hereThis heavily efficient and power packed Security package costs just $74.95 and it also provides 1 year warranty. You can download the Trial Version from hereThis heavily efficient and power packed Security package costs just $74.95 and it also provides 1-year warranty. Update: Bitdefender offers discount on latest versions for 2018, which you can get with 50% OFF here.

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