Why you should not buy a Tablet !

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Although we find tablets as the latest version of net surfing gadgets, yet most of the time they are pretty costlier than laptops and notebook. Tablets such as iPad, Motorola zoom, Galaxy makes you to pay heavy bucks, even with some generic features, like 32 GB Storage, 1GB of RAM and 1 GHz Processor. Alternatively if you go for some simple 17” laptop you will get HDD, 3GB RAM with a dual core 2 GHz processor or sometimes even better than that. If you are messed up with deciding the whether you should buy a laptop or a tablet, carry on reading this article, we will give you enough reasons for not buying a tablet.


Technology used in tablet is relatively new, and one is getting something new with every launch. Beside this, every tablet you see is currently available in its first version.  The coming version of tablet is expected to be containing improved and consider better features giving better performance. Considering Apple iPad range, Apple iPad 2 tablet was recently launched only a year after the launch of its iPad range.  The features of iPad 2 greatly surpassed the features of its own predecessor. The improvements in iPad2 included two cameras (front and rear), where I pad has none.  When it comes to RAM, iPad 2 has 512 MB RAM as compared to iPad which has only 256 MB. The processor comes with I Pad 2 is Dual Core A5, which is twice faster than iPad which has Single Core A4 processor. In spite of all this improvements the iPad 2 is sold at the price of I Pad the original version.

The operating system found on most the tablet is not actually created and designed for the tablet. The current example is Samsung Galaxy Tablet, which is launched with android 2.2 OS. Android 2.2 OS was originally designed for use in Smart Phone.  Many users reported that they did not enjoy using Gala and hence the buyer returned their tab back. Even the OS specially created for tablet like Android 3.0(Honey Comb which is currently used by Motorola get improved in coming future) is being corrected with latest specs


Tablets do not have key board and typing on touch screen is not an experience that everybody enjoys. However you may find keyboard accessories which can be used with the tablet. This is cumbersome process which everybody may not like it.

The tablet offer smaller display, which makes it utterly inconvenient for many users.  Apart from screen size, the storage capacity is only 64 GB which also very small, which is quite less. A least competent processor and a lesser RAM along with reduced spec mean that tablet cannot be put to use for gaming purposes. It would be imperative to note that the original iPad was promoted as a gaming device, but as the game developer found out, that tablet cannot handle such function adequately.

However, in case you are planning to buy a tablet the best proposition for you is that you should   hold your purchase for such time when you get final improved version of tablet which is time tested.

Author Bio:  Tarun Jaitely is a Tech Blogger and a freelance writer. He also provides Guest Posting Services and right now writing this guest post for Tech Blog.


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