HP Envy m6-1101sg Review

HP Envy 16

Are you ready for HP Envy m6-1101sg?

Are you looking for a new laptop which caters and provides you with all the multimedia capability and functionality you want? If you are looking for an affordable laptop, then an HP Envy m6-1101sg would suit your budget and also meet your daily needs. Robust exterior and stylish design equipped with a sufficiently capable dual-core processor is what this laptop gives you.

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Exterior Details and Display

This 15.6 inch multimedia laptop is encased in aluminium and chrome which is known to provide rigidity and protection. Similar with HP’s Pavilion m6-1050sg, the casing yields toward the center. It is only available in black and weighs only 2.4 kg. The battery can be removed and swapped easily.

The 15-6 inch LED display has a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. Since this laptop is not AR coated, outdoor usage is of a disadvantage. The poor brightness makes viewing difficult; the text and pictures are not recognizable.

HP Envy m6-1101sg has a chocolate keyboard which comes with sufficient backlight effective and practical in low-light places. LEDs on the WI-Fi and mute keys are also useful additions. Typing noise is slightly audible and not distracting. However, in the Chiclet keyboard set-up, the smaller up and down arrow keys are the only things noticeable. It is not comfortable especially with gaming addicts. But over-all, the keyboard is comfortable and not off-putting. The touchpad also shows good touch sensitivity. The pad’s activation is set in the upper left corner and is also activated via an LED signal.

Interior Performance

The operating system of the laptop is Windows 8. With Intel’s dual core i5-3210M processor, the laptop is effective in video editing and in some 3D games. It also has AMD’s dedicated midrange Radeon HD 7670M graphics card which comes with 2 GB of DDR3 memory.  Its hard drive is from Western Digital which spins at 5400 revolutions per minute and has a storage capacity of 1 TB. With 1 TB memory, the consumer will surely enjoy the storage capability of HP Envy m6-1101sg.

A good sound experience is what HP Envy m6-1101sg delivers. Beats Audio is the sound system installed which altogether makes the sound system simply impressive. It has two speakers located above the keyboard and a subwoofer which is located at the bottom of the laptop.

HP Envy m6-1101sg has a 6 –cell lithium-ion battery which means that it can last up to 6 hours and 40 minutes of usage under minimum performance settings.


The laptop is insured with three fast USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 support. An interesting addition to this laptop is a fingerprint scanner which is applicable for security measures. It also has a VGA out port, HDMI out port and RJ45 socket. Bluetooth is compatible with the older 3.0 +HS versions.


The strengths of HP Envy m6-1101sg include robust aluminium casing and an Intel dual-core i5-3210M processor. It has a large storage capacity, backlit keyboard and a fingerprint reader. Laptop noise and temperature and LED installed devices are also impressive. However, the brightness should be improved as well as its small arrow keys.

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