Body Building apps for iPhone

body building apps

Did you know your iPhone could be your Fitness instructor more than a communication device? Here are some of the best bodybuilding and fitness apps available in the iPhone platform.

body building apps

  • iFitness Pro – iFitness Pro, is one of the best fitness apps designed to give a personalized  fitness instruction based on the body type, targeted muscles, and equipment type. The application helps the user to track exercises, enable progress graph, and much more. The exercise designed in the app has been developed with the help of professional trainers. One of the exceptional features of the app includes calorie tracking for more than 90,000 food types. The app is integrated with the iCloud and tracking multiple users. One app could serve as the Personal Instructor for a complete family.
  •  FitnessBuilder – An app designed with over 5600 images and videos of various types of exercises. The app comes with some of best body building exercises, fitness calculators, progress graphs, etc. The app includes three different types apart from the free access like- Plus Features, Pro Access, PT Access. The Plus Features are specifically designed for the fitness enthusiasts. The Pro Access serves the purpose of professional trainers or gym coaches. The PT access is specifically designed for Therapy Professionals.
  • iWeight Deluxe – An app designed for appropriate weight tracking and comes with some exceptional features like – Passcode privacy option, progress chart, adding notes, health tips, finding gym in and around the area. The app is apt for users who need a diet plan, weight check, weight check for different health conditions, etc.
  • LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker – The app is specifically designed for those who want to keep a regular track of their calorie intake and fitness check. The app can provide diet plans, weight loss and fitness goals through regular calorie check and exercise. With the help of the Calorie Tracker app, the user can enjoy a personalized daily calorie intake, required water intake, Motivation Community, etc. The app also includes a large food and restaurant database.
  • RunKeeper app – The app helps the user to track various fitness activities with appropriate statistics of time and distance. The app works based on the GPS of the device. The app provides progress charts, detailed history of fitness activities, milestones, fitness objectives and much more. The activities performed by the user can be shared through various Social Media sites and sync the data with other apps.

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