Import Excel Charts to PowerPoint

Are you looking to import excel charts to power point? If yes, is your answer, then read the following article as it going to assist you towards arming you with the detailed and sophisticated information and method.

Those documents can be inserted which are created in any other Microsoft Office programs or in those programs which highly supports linked as well as embedded objects into your presentation. If you thought that you have to recreate the existing information, as you want to include in your PowerPoint presentation, then you need to think again. As you read the following article, you will get to know the method to insert an (existing) Excel chart into the presentation.

Excel to Powerpoint

While you are in the process of an inserting an object, you need to be quit cautious about choosing either Link or Embed data. The date is stored in the source documents as an object is linked. It clearly means that as and when you update the data in its original document, it will automatically be updated in your presentation as well.

Linking has immense pleasant effect as it gives you the luxury of keeping your information updated and along with the same; it also helps in keeping the size of your presentation to a minimum. At the time of embedding objects in your presentation, you are indeed able to create a copy of the object which is there in the destination document. Hence, it clearly implies the simplest of facts that in the event of any changes which are made in the original document, there will not be any reflection of the same in your presentation.


In order to insert an existing excel chart, you need to adhere the following:-

  • The slide, in which you are going to insert the file, needs to be activated or else it will not be possible to get the desired results.
  • In the Ribbon, you are required to create the Insert tab.
  • There is an Object button on the Text group of the Ribbon and you need to click on that
  • In order to create a new Excel chart, you are required to click the Create New radio button and after that you have to choose Microsoft office Excel Chart which is there in the Object type list and finally after doing it, click OK.
  • On the other hand, if you want to insert an existing Excel chart, you are required to click the Create file radio button.
  • Thereafter, in the last step, you just need to click OK.

 excel to powerpoint (2)

  • Click the Browse button if you want to navigate to the location of the specific file where you want to insert.
  • As you have done the same “CLICK OK” 

Are you looking to create a link to the original document? If yes, then you just need to click the Link Box and Click OK.

In this way, you are going to import Excel charts to PowerPoint. It is so easy after all. Isn’t it?

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