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Blogging Traffic

Driving traffic is the ultimate goal for every site and there are various methods to do it. However, most of us prefer content. Now, it is a known fact that long and detailed posts drive traffic from search engines. Moreover, they are more likely to be linked to, because of being informative in nature. Although fact about long posts is true, we cannot underestimate evergreen content’s power.

What is evergreen content?

Content which once written proves useful for eternity is said as evergreen content. ‘How to’ posts are one of the examples for evergreen content. If such content is written at present then it will be informative ten years from now. In some cases, it is more than 10 years.

Usually, evergreen content can be classified into three types:

1)      ‘How to do’ content

2)      ‘What is’ type and

3)      Tutorial

Discussing these three types of evergreen content will provide a better picture.

Blogging Traffic

‘How to do’ content:

Among the type of evergreen content, this is most essential. ‘How to’ content always have proven beneficial regardless of when they are written. Obviously, the reason is due to increase of internet users on daily basis. There are always people who want to know how to get things started. Therefore, writing an ‘How to do’ content will stand the test of time.

For example, let us consider a post on ‘How to install WordPress’. Many might consider the topic as unnecessary. WordPress, however, is being used by more and more people every day. There are always people who want to know the steps involved in installation of WordPress irrespective of whether it is manual or done through Fantastico. Hence, the content will always act as portal for knowledge.

‘What is/to do’ type of content:

This type of content is similar to ‘How to’. The only difference is style of presentation. Comparing the benefits of these two types of content, they are same.

An interesting examples for ‘What is’ content is Seth’s ‘What is Viral Marketing?’ Irrespective of where you live, upon searching for the term ‘What is Viral Marketing’ you are sure to come across Seth’s post. By taking a closer look at the date, it was written in December 2008. At the time of writing this article, it is January 2013. Almost 4 year has passed yet this content remains a strong source for viral marketing.

Tutorial content:

On a broader classification ‘how to’ and ‘what is’ type of content fall under tutorial. However, a tutorial content can stand on its own without the need to fall under the above categories. They do not necessarily have to start with ‘how’ or ‘what’.

Any content that provides tips, ideas, suggestions, and ways to do things can be said as tutorial contents.

At present writers and bloggers are more concerned about engagement through comment. They consider that when comments pour in, readers have loved the post. Although true, it is not the same always. Evergreen content generally do not have much comments and the reasons are several. People who search for evergreen content just require information. As soon information is gained, they move on, as there is nothing to add or discuss. Therefore, do not underestimate your evergreen content if there are no comments.

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