How to Choose the Best E-Reader Gadget


As technology advances, it is amazing how easy things have become and especially for those who love reading. With the introduction of gadgets such as e-reader one can be able to read their favorite books from anywhere without the hassle of carrying loads of paperwork which is obviously a pleasant thing. E-readers are gadgets that consist of a screen and a number of buttons which allows you to carry out a number of prompts whenever you need to access or read your books. These buttons are also important in that they allow you to easily organize your eBooks. There are however different factors that you should consider when choosing the right gadget as they normally come in different forms and also from different manufacturers.

Different Types of E-Reader Gadgets:

  • The first type of e-readers for those who like uncomplicated things comes in either two versions namely e-paper screen or e-ink screen. These devices are almost fully monochrome meaning they are black text written on a white page. They are therefore considered great for readers as they come easy on the eyes and are basically considered to be electronic papers. They are not as bright since they are not back lit as computer screens are and therefore do not have effect on the reader’s eyes. To read well in dark places therefore, you will need to have some light. It is also important to point out that these e-readers are not very brilliant to use under bright sunlight.
  • The other type of e-reader gadgets comes with TFT or LCD screens. These work almost the same way as a computer or laptop and therefore have the capacity to generate some color making them ideal for things such as magazines, text books and kids literature. These gadgets can however develop some problems such as being hard to read under bright sunlight and can also affect your eyes if you spend a lot of time glued in-front of them. These devices also utilize a lot of power and this means you will need to recharge the batteries quiet often as opposed to the experience you get with the e-ink gadgets.

The number of e-readers available in the market today has increased with different companies putting their best foot forward. You can therefore get different gadgets form different companies while include Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. Of the three, the Apple iPad is the most expensive although it also has some notable features that you will fall in love with. It is however important to understand that just as with every other gadget, e-readers should be considered carefully before buying in order to get the best results from your device.

What You Need to Consider When Buying an E-Reader Gadget

Like with the tablets, a number of factors should help you when looking for the best device to buy. Below are some of the things that you should look for when looking for the electronic book reader.

  • Battery life: of course the secret with these portable devices is that you need something that will serve you well even when you are away from power source. You should therefore consider a gizmo that has a long battery life and this can be determined by looking at different consumer reviews. A good gadget should be able to retain power for a week or so. It could also make sense if you were to avoid TFT and LCD screens (back lit) as these tend to consume a lot of power.
  • The memory: This is obviously another very important factor to consider when looking for an e-reader. The more the memory you have, the more books you will be able to store in your gadget and therefore you must look into this carefully. You should therefore check for a device that has both an internal memory and an allowance for a memory card or expandable memory.
  • Consider the size: The size will also be a factor to consider based on your needs. Different people will of course go for different sizes but it is worth to note that e-readers are not as big as laptops. You should however look for a gadget that has a medium screen as a huge one will just be bulky for you unnecessarily. A smaller one is not also the best as it will require you strain your eyes to be able to read well. The bottom line is however to choose one with a flexible on-screen text sizes.
  • The price: With the increase in brand names, you expect to find different prices. While as this might not be the most significant factor to consider, it will be important to understand that the expensive e-readers are not necessarily the best. It also does not mean that those that are cheap are poor in quality and therefore you will need to consider the cost of the device. Combine this factor with others to help your decision making.
  • Features: Look for a gizmo that offers you the best features. This means something that has the best navigation controls and which is easy to use. This should be combined with other features such as the style and the appeal of its look. It is obviously true that today’s consumer is more interested in something that looks sleek and appealing. Your e-reader should be easy to handle with a great interface making you stand out in the crowd.
  • The format: This is also something that you shouldn’t ignore. Many electronic readers come in PDF format although there are others that you can get with different formats. You should get an e-reader that supports a number of formats to make it easier for you to use. You can look for a gizmo that supports e-Pub format so that you can be able to download as many files as possible. An eBook that has WIFI is also great and should be considered as it will enable you to connect to the wireless connection whenever the need arises.

No matter what you need, you can be assured that there are many ideal e-readers available in the market that will definitely meet your reading culture and needs.

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