Cons of Blogging in the upcoming year 2013!

Cons of Blogging in 2013

Some of the writes do not prefer blogging

All the writers might not like to blog .Some of the writer would never prefer blogging in their entire careers due to the drawbacks of the blog.

Blogging restricts creativity

In order to become a successful writer sometime you have to neglect the area of your interest and become more entertaining and amusing for your readers which you would not like to but your are forced to write in that way in order to encourage your readers to view blog. This factor may limit your creativeness once you become a blogger. Many people don’t like to transform for others.

Consumes a lot of time

Blogs need to be updated frequently or at leasttwice a week which is time consuming and not possible for every other person. If you write once in a week your blog might not become much successful. In short if you don’t work on it frequently this may lead to the failure and all the time which you have previously spent on it is wasted due to your ignorance and busy schedule. So, it is not suitable for many individuals

Take you away from reading

You may lose your contacts with the others except for those who are targeted in your blog. Later it will become difficult for you to target other age groups too.

Not suitable for online business

If you have started an online business then blogging is not preferred in this regard because the time you are spending on a blog can be spent on other important things.

Depending on blog can restrict our earning

If you think you can make all your earning through blogs then it is not possible. This is because if you adopt it as a full time job then you make miss the chances of making money online in other ways.

All the blogs don’t make you money

Not all the blog can make money .There is a misconception among folks that you can write a blog and start earning this is not practically possible all the time. This is because you need a lot of fans and readers who keep viewing you blog. A blog can act as a means to enhance your business but cannot be used as a business independently.

Persuading people to follow your blog

You need to gather a huge number of people and convince them to ready you blog regularly. This process requires a lot of effort as everyone might not listen to you and have enough time to follow it. You need to remind them again and again by subscribing them and emailing them which might look odd at times.

Might not be a good idea for teens

As teenagers surf the net a lot t more than the adults so blogging might have a negative impact on their studies they tend to spend less time with their family members which is a drawback of blog

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