iPhone Contacts – Learn to Backup and Transfer it

iPhone Contacts

iPhone is a fairly awesome system in its technological innovation and other factors but when it is about backing up contacts, then it is very tough task  to do it on iPhone because there is no such easy option to do that task.  So here we have another awesome iPhone app which can back-up all your contacts quickly and without any issue. My Contacts Backup is an incredibly excellent app for use and performs really ideal with all the versions of the iPhone, you can basically download and install it right on your iPhone by looking it in the iTunes App Store . You can also search for this app on the Internet and you will get many links to download. The best factor about this app is that it’s available for free and can be used without any limitations, basically set up and then back-up. Well you will absolutely observe out some advertisement’s on the screen of this app but that is only for making this app look better so you do not need to worry about anything.

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Right above in the image you can see an easy individual interface like you basically select back-up then back-up begins and you get the choice to E-mail your contacts back-up. Now after you email your contacts and you repair or re-install your iPhone application like you upgrade it than if you you do not have any back-up basically start the email which contains your Contacts Backup and basically select the .vcf computer file in the accessories and you will be provided a screen asking to add all the contacts on your iPhone.

How to transfer iPhone contacts to Android :

To transfer iPhone contacts to another device, you need not to install an app.. You already have read about an app which allows you to save all your contacts in form of a vcf file. This is universally recognizable format which can be used with almost every operating system including Android, Nokia Symbian, Windows Phone, Windows desktop version, Linux and Mac OS.

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The only thing you need to do to get your contacts in the other device is, convert this file in a supported format. There are many online tools available which will help you to convert this .vcf file into an XML file having all your contacts which you have saved in your iPhone and as a part of backup all those contacts are there in this .vcf file.

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Once you get .xml file, with the help of PC suite and data cable, connect your device ot your system and then click on restore contacts. It will ask you to locate a file from where you want your computer to choose contacts. In that locate option, browse to the xml file which is having all these contacts. Click OK. It will start a process which will take around 2 minutes to restore all the contacts to your device.

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