Advantages of Direct Advertising by using BuySellAds


Every business requires many elements to make it functional and at the very least profitable. This means can come in various facets but the central and most basic of needs is the ability to sell the name. The core of business is advertising. Through advertising, the name of your company and others are seen by potential customers. is the proper venue to achieve this immediate goal. In four simple steps you can easily go from being unknown to be the next big name in business.

No matter the size, scope, or even the very nature of the business one can follow these simple steps. Before we get to that, one should see what BuySellAds provides. To clarify BuySellAds allows advertisers to buy quality and guaranteed inventory directly from the publishers. This cuts the costs of going through a second, third company, essentially cutting the middle man and making it simple, easy, and direct. At the very core, it’s a self-service each company can do autonomously.

So why choose BuySellAds over the competitor? Well as mentioned above, it’s about cutting the middle man. Other’s require you to pay various individuals to get a single product. That kind of business practice doesn’t exist here. At BuySellAds they provide some of the best publishers out there without a broker. Now the best asset of this company is in it’s simplicity. Any person can complete the four very simple steps to achieve their immediate goal.

1. The first step is to simply browse or search the BuySellAds market place. The market space is filled with ad space that is readily available for purchase. Even at this early step you can get customer service to aid you in the selection process and guide you through this initial step.

2. The second step is to simply select your placements. When you see a placement that you would like to use, all you have to do is click on the “buy now”. This will immediately place that item into a virtual cart. This function allows you organise and order various items in the list at your own whim.

3. The third step is to add your creative. This requires you to have one pre-made so it’s suggested to have this ready even prior to getting into step 1. This is also required in order to complete the purchase.

4. Finally you go to the check out step. Here you make your final adjustments or even go back to previous steps to make any last minute changes.

Once you provide an appropriate means of payment, it will take roughly 24 hrs to submit the order. They currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discovery, Wire Transfers and Paypal. During validation time, the order will be evaluated for either approval or denial. You will be contacted once the process has been completed.

Once this entire process has been completed you can see an analysis of your purchase. You will be able to manage and optimise your ads based on statistics provided to judge it’s performance over a period of time. This is based on clicks and other data sets such as impressions. With this tool you can see how effective the ads are being and you can adjust accordingly.

Overall BuySellAds is an amazing tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s extremely simple to use and very cost effective. This is why BuySellAds is a great means to directly advertise.

Link : BuySellAds

Author Bio – Namit is a web enthusiast and blogger who loves all things technology and design. He is the founder of Theitechblog, a tech blog which publishes “how to” and tutorial articles about softwares, mobile apps and the internet.

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  1. Their selection is pretty bad… Only accept blogs of SEO, Technology and computer related niche if blog is an Indian Blog.. I have tried submitting twice my education blog but they denied…I asked one of the senior member of one forum about denial, he said BSA does not enough advertiser for education niche…

    Poor me.

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