A Comparative Study on Web Designing and Web Development

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A Comparative Study on Web Designing and Web Development

Many individuals, even until a few days back were of the opinion that web development and web design are similar concepts. However, it is a completely wrong concept and one must stand clarified. The difference between the two is huge and set each concept quite apart from each other. If one would need to mention the difference in a nutshell, he would need to mention that web designing is preparing the outlook of a website, on the other hand web development deals with the functionality of the website.

The Difference Between Web Designing and Web Development

However, they have an underlying relation between each other. The overall success of a website will depend upon both web designing and web development. Unless a website looks attractive, very few individuals would be attracted to view a site. On the other hand, if the content isn’t well and the website doesn’t function in an user-friendly manner, people would tend to switch on to some other website.

 Web Designing

The saying, which goes “first impression is the last impression”, is very true ion case of a website. A viewer who is visiting a website for the first time must be given such an impression that he feels it necessary to come back again. While designing a website, the color schemes and the graphics are to be kept in mind, most importantly. These two aspects are very important to enhance the aesthetic value of the website. It is the task of a web designer to take care of the visual appeal of the website.

It is an obvious fact, that the websites with better quality graphics and animations would be attracting more visitors than a site, which have animations or graphics of lower quality. However, it is also true that a website, which is simple, can attract far more visitors than one, which is not so animated. It all depends upon the web designer.

How the website has been designed, has a major role in deciding, whether it would be visited by any visitor at all or not. A website, which has to the point graphics and animations about the services and products offered by the company etc, will have more viewers. Unnecessary animations are absolutely useless and not at all preferred by the individuals. However, dull websites do not attract viewers on the other hand. Thus, web designing is a very balancing task.

Web Development

Let us now see how web development differs from web designing. It is the developers task to make sure that the site is easy to navigate with. Various programming languages such as the JavaScript and Ajax etc are integrated to come up with the most user-friendly website. Some of the various things they input into a website are shopping carts, alterations in a picture’s size when one has clicked upon it, a phone number would only be taken if it is a 10 digit one. Their design would also decide the compatibility of a website with various OS. The whole process of web development involved everything about coding server-side applications using various computer languages such as PHP, ASP, XHTML, HTML, java etc.

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