Things To Know Before You Download Windows 8

windows 8

Microsoft recently launched his all new windows 8 with lots of new features. Windows 8 Release preview is available as a free download and need some requirements to run it on your machine.

Today we are enlisting some of the things that you must know before you start to download Windows 8.

windows 8

The System Requirements for Windows 8:


Hardware requirements for Windows 8 is not too much high as compare to windows vista.  Any machine with 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of Free Hard disk Space and 1 GHz of Process can able to handle windows 8.
If you want to install windows 8(64 bit version) Then you will need 2 GB of RAM.

Windows 8 Setup Or Windows 8 ISO image:

The installation of Windows 8 can be done in 2 ways

1) The easiest way to install windows 8,is by download of a windows setup program. If you are planning to install windows 8 on your computer or either on any other partition or want to upgrade from older version to windows 8, Then this option is appropriate for you.

Note: Software installed on your computer is only be preserved when you are upgrading from window 7 to windows 8.
Programs will not be preserved if you upgrade from windows xp,vista or any other windows version.

2) Alternatively, You can download ISO image and Burn it on a disk. ISO image is good choice in case you want to install windows 8 on multiple computers. You just have to download ISO image once any can install windows 8 on numerous computers without wasting your valuable bandwidth.
ISO image option is also good when you want to use run windows 8 as Virtual machine inside your existing copy of windows as like any other software.

The Genuine universal key for Windows 8 is TK8TP-9JN6P-7X7WW-RFFTV-B7QPF.
Will My Software programs run inside windows 8?

You can run this utility by Microsoft to enlist the software and hardware drivers on your computer that is compatible with windows 8.

How To Install windows 8 ?

You can use windows 8 on your computer in 3 ways.

1) Dual boot: If you have free hard disk partition then you can go with this option and install windows 8 operating system as a secondary operating system.

2) Virtual Machine: If you just want to give windows 8 a try and don’t want to loose your existing programs. Then installing it on Virtual machine is a better and safe option.

3) Primary OS: If you have a spare computer, the you can choose this option and use your windows 8 as a primary operating system.

One thing to note that is, if you are upgrading from windows 8 Consumer preview to windows 8 Release preview then none of your file,programs will be preserved. Everything will be moved to windows.old folder.

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